Key Word Picture Frame @PE4Learning

Bring a topic together through the use of the Key Work Picture Frame.  Stimulate thought and response by giving the specification key terminology around the outside and ask the students to apply their knowledge and understanding to the stimulus. Set the topic Set the task Edit the key terms in the picture frame Apply knowledge…
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Humanoid App @MrAdamPE

Enjoyed experimenting with the humanoid app today by @octagon_studio #physed #pripe #secpe #pegeeks #primarymatters #aussiephysed #aussieed #ukedchat #edtech #ipaded — Adam Llevo (@MrAdamPE) February 10, 2018


Introducing Officially launching on Monday 19th February — The Everlearner (@The_EverLearner) February 14, 2018

Twister Revision Idea from @sutton_mpe

Adapted 💡 shared at aqa gcse PE prep event to engage in AO’s. Random topic/key term on white board. Ss in small group spins and verbally give answer to the level the spinner lands. Ss in group feedback and critique answer given. Ss loved it 👍👌👍@ShareLearnTPE @PE4Learning — Mr Sutton (@sutton_mpe) February 3, 2018

My Personal Best Support Package from @YouthSportTrust

My Personal Best is our award-winning support package designed to inspire secondary PE teachers to confidently teach life skills to all young people. Check out our #MyPB national training on 27 Feb! — Youth Sport Trust (@YouthSportTrust) February 1, 2018

Free Revision – @The_Everlearner

We’ll provide this year’s PE and Spanish revision for FREE if we get 200 schools signed up. Share this far and wide to make sure YOU get FREE revision! … #ReimaginED #PEgeeks   We'll provide this year's PE and Spanish revision for FREE if we get 200 schools signed up. Share this far and wide…
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4 Way Badminton Idea – @DiCataldoPE

Had a go at @MrGoldmanPE 4 way badminton! Boys renamed it ‘Criss Cross Badminton’ and decided on some rules – if you fail to return/hit the shuttle out or at the net you lose a point, as well as winning points as normal! @TeachMeetPE @PE4Learning @PEgeeks @ShareLearnTPE — Mr Di Cataldo (@DiCataldoPE) January 29,…
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DIY Instructional Videos – Self Paced, Student-Centered Blended Learning Tool @PE4Learning

This very simple guide will hopefully inspire you to make your own instructional videos to share with your students and allow them 24/7 access to you as a learning resource. Record yourself breaking down exam papers, construct a perfect model exam answer or produce small revision videos to later share with your students.  I am…
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Teaching #LEVERS for #GCSEPE? Need a different approach to engage your students? @PeActive & @MrAdamPE

Teaching #LEVERS for #GCSEPE ? Need a different approach to engage your students ? Grab your free interactive revision resource here  created by @PeActive & @MrAdamPE #physed #pegeeks #Ukpechat #pechat #ALEVELPE #SECPE #PE Teaching #LEVERS for #GCSEPE ? Need a different approach to engage your students ? Grab your free interactive revision resource here…
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#PEChat: Assessment FOR Learning In #PhysEd from @phys_educator

RE-POST from Here is the Twitter Moment Summary for last night’s #PEChat on Assessment FOR Learning In #PhysEd. So much great information was shared, it was hard to not just share it all! Thanks again to our moderator team for leading an awesome chat! 🎵 The #PhysEd Show | Assessment FOR Learning w/ @terridr99. Full…
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Create Student Reports From Your Class Tracker from @MrAdamPE

Throughout my teaching career, I have always enjoyed looking for ways that technology can help me to work smarter, not harder. While I was at college I studied AS ICT and I do believe this gave me the basic skills I needed when it came to designing department systems. I have made numerous ‘fancy’ tracking…
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Learn how to digitise your ‘mock’ exam paper questions in less than 10 minutes @MrAdamPE

Learn how to digitise your ‘mock’ exam paper/questions in less than 10 minutes. Saving you time! Step by Step Guide  #physed #pegeeks #primaryrocks #education #ukedchat #ukpechat #ntchat #GCSEPE #BTECPE #PHYSICAL #GCSE Learn how to digitsise your 'mock' exam paper/questions in less than 10 minutes. Saving you time! Step by Step Guide -> #physed…
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Using Form Publisher in PhysEd | Performance Analysis Portfolio Google Apps from @MrAdamPE

Students access the form/assessment on any device and a report is then created for them to use in their own portfolio.  Get your FREE template and instructional video in your inbox today  Save time by working smarter,not harder #physed #pegeeks #pechat #ukpechat Ss access the form/assessment on any device and a report is then…
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Pearson BTEC Level 3 National in Sport Unit 1: Anatomy & Physiology Sample Assessment Materials (SAMs)

For use with Extended Diploma in Sport, Diploma in Sport, Diploma in Sport Fitness Services, Foundation Diploma in Sport, Extended Certificate in Sport and Certificate in Sport First teaching from September 2016 Issue 2 Link

The PE Playbook by @ImSporticus

The PE Play Book is a monthly review of blog posts that are specific to Physical Education and Youth Sport. PE Playbook – April 2015 Edition – Blogger of the Month  Dr. Vicky Goodyear at PE and Sport VLOG PE Playbook – May 2015 Edition – Blogger of the Month Dr Ash Casey at PEPRN PE Playbook – June 2015 Edition – Blogger of…
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Top Ten Releases from @my_pe_exam & @The_EverLearner

#TopTen Number 10: Our Autumn sale starts today! £100 off department accounts 15% off all other products — The Everlearner (@The_Everlearner) September 6, 2017 #TopTen Number 9: UK Tour 2018 is official July 2nd – 6th 2018 #pegeeks @PE4Learning — The Everlearner (@The_Everlearner) September 6, 2017 #TopTen Number 8: We've launched three…
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Did Ofsted consider PE and school sport when they visited your school? Youth Sport Trust

by Ali Sturla, YST Development Manager The Youth Sport Trust’s Ali Sturla looks at how one school made sure PE was front and centre in its recent Ofsted inspection: In June this year Blessed George Napier (BGN) School in Oxfordshire received ‘that’ anticipated phone call to say Ofsted was on its way! After a successful…
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Flipped Learning Model Best Practice – Video CPD

Flipped Learning Model Best Practice – Video CPD Free webinar recording of James Simms CPD session on Flipped Learning Model Best Practice.   Flipped Learning Model Best Practice from James Simms on Vimeo.

Worrying. Who needs it?

We all worry from time to time. Worrying is a completely natural response to life’s challenges and trials, however when we worry too much it can have a detrimental effect on our; health relationships, family, and jobs. Worrying, 9 times out of 10, is wasted imagination. So why do we worry in the first place? When…
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5 reasons why gratitude is so important @TeacherTriangle

5 Reasons Why Gratitude is so Important to Have in Your Life and as a Teacher   With gratitude, there are simply a lot of benefits that we can obtain that can help in our long-term health and well-being. For instance, gratitude makes us more trusting, more appreciative and more social which helps us make…
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10 tips to become a more successful leader @TeacherTriangle

How valuable are you as a leader? Ultimately as leaders, we should be trying to find a way to add more value than anyone else does within our schools. We simply need to be that person that does more for others. However, we must work harder on ourselves than anything else. Why? because when we…
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Quizlet – Digital Learning in Physical Education by @PETutor

Course description How to Enhance and Transform Student Learning using Quizlet! (Part of the Digital Learning in Physical Education Series) The use of digital technology to enhance and transform teaching and learning is growing rapidly. In this free course you’ll learn how to make the best use of Quizlet to maximise your students’ learning. Quite…
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Lanyard Leadership Free Trial

What do Ofsted think? Latest Ofsted Comment “In a highly effective physical education lesson students made rapid progress in their knowledge of theory and practical skills where mobile phones were used, to provide clear information and videos that helped students learn.” Why not give it a go for free? Download your free sample lesson below.   What…
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PE and sport premium for primary schools – Department for Education Update 2017

Schools, colleges and children’s services School and college funding and finance From: Department for Education, Closed organisation: Education Funding Agency, and Education and Skills Funding Agency School and academy funding Schools funding arrangements 2016 to 2017 Dedicated schools grant (DSG) 2015 to 2016 Academies: funding, payments and compliance Academies revenue funding allocations Pupil premium: funding and accountability…
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Examination PE Tracking and Monitoring Sheet @PE4Learning

Edit and use this theory tracker sheet with your students in examination PE.  The resource is currently set up for A Level OCR PE but can be easily edited using Microsoft PowerPoint. Set specific review points throughout the course and engage in conversation with the student to review the criteria on the sheet and set…
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