Knowledge and Understanding MOT – Tracker Toolkit

Knowledge and Understanding MOT – Tracker Toolkit

I created this tracker sheet as an A4L tool and to better structure revision nearer to exam time.  The purpose of the sheets is to sit at the front of each topic section in their student files and once the topic has been taught.  The student can fill in the sheet giving their K&U a grading out of 5 for each question prompt (related to the specification).  The most important part of this process is diagnosing any problems and then acting on it within the lesson or subsequent action plan to address weak points in the students’ K&U.


The student can then highlight/code the action they have taken (or wish to take) to improve one (or a few) of the weaker areas identified on the grid.  This action can then be evidenced by the teacher, as a way to monitor their progress.  Multiple forms of action strategies have been included to differentiate the process but also allow choice in that we all know students have different preferred learning styles to one another.


This file can be found alongside many others in the ‘resources’ section of the site as well as in the PE4Learning Google Drive.

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