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Below is an example of a resource sheet designed by @PE4Learning to encourage students to ‘Act on Feedback’ from a piece of marked work in various ways.  The sheet was originally designed to work in conjunction with a the PE4Learning Exam Question Mats #EQMat which you can find in more detail here and inspiration for the resource also has its roots in the process known as DIRT – some excellent links to find out more on DIRT can be found here @UKEdChat.

PE4Learning ‘Act on Feedback’ Mat #AoFMat

Act on Feedback Version 3.0 @PE4Learning JPEG

Act on Feedback Mat

Act on Feedback Mat

Act on Feedback


Step 1: Setting the work – Set a piece of work for the student to complete [classroom or homework].  In this case I set the Exam Question Mats for homework/classwork which consist of past paper questions and mark schemes with a focus on exam technique [see below].

Step 2: Mark and give feedback – Once the exam question is complete the teacher [or self/peer] can then mark it using the mark scheme provided while also following their departmental / school marking policy whatever that may be.  The teacher can then add feedback in their preferred format, but in this case we use WWW [What went well?] and EBI [Even better if] with prompt questions throughout their marked piece of work to encourage them to think and respond to their feedback.

Step 3: FeedForward and Acting on Feedback – the student is then given the resource sheet to respond to their feedback and this is where DIRT ‘Dedicated Improvement and Reflection Time’  comes in.  The sheet is specific in that it asks the students to act on feedback given but also offers some additional tasks to enhance the whole process.  I hope the sheet above is pretty self explanatory in what the tasks require but I usually set this for homework and then incorporate DIRT time into the start of the next lesson to review progress and allow further discussion to occur.

Step 4: DIRT TIME – The ‘Stretch and Challenge’ box encourages the student to take the process a step further and independently act on feedback by choosing to watch a @MyPEExam flipped video, carry out some extended reading, produce a mind-map of subject knowledge or simply ask questions based on the exam question topic.

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