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FootGolf Course from KDundas1993

New uploads to by kdundas1993 /Footgolf course.pptx (432 KB) Visit the @PE4Learning Community Drive to download. The resource can be located in the Recent Uploads folder as well as th...Read More

Fitness Cards, Football & Netball Pre Season Training Cards by Sarah Fox @MissFoxPE

New uploads to by Sarah Fox @SarahFox Sarah Fox /Fitness Cards @MissFoxPE.pptx (3 MB) /Football Pre-Season Training @MissFoxPE.pptx (3 MB) /Netball Pre-Season Training @MissFoxPE.pptx...Read More

Introducing to you the fun and exciting game of Dragonball – not heard of it yet? Well, it’s on its way to a school near you! –

Introducing to you the fun and exciting game of Dragonball – not heard of it yet? Well it’s on its way to a school near you! Physical Education, sports and activities are widely seen as on...Read More

Headstand and Handstand Task Cards from Lucy Roach

New uploads to @PE4Learning by Lucy Roach /Headstands Task Card Difficult.pdf (3 MB) /Handstand Progressions.pdf (2 MB) /Headstands Task Card Easy.pdf (2 MB) Visit the @PE4Learning Community Drive to ...Read More

Stoolball – Complete Resource Pack by Georgie Harrison @MissHarrisonPE1

New uploads to @PE4Learning by Georgie Harrison @MissHarrisonPE1 /STOOLBALL/Stoolball – 10 basic skill resource cards.pptx (5 MB) /STOOLBALL/Stoolball – Complete Resource Pack.pptx (16 MB)...Read More

Rugby Sevens Fitness Workout from LsidwellUCTC @SIDWELLPE

New uploads to @PE4Learning by LsidwellUCTC /Rugby Sevens Fitness Workout Log.docx (249 KB) /Rugby 7\’s Fitness- Master.pptx (2 MB) Visit the @PE4Learning Community Drive to download. #pegeeks #...Read More

Front crawl task cards by g.l.lee @MissGLeePE

New uploads to @PE4Learning by g.l.lee @MissGLeePE /Front crawl task cards.pptx (66 MB) Visit the @PE4Learning Community Drive to download. #pegeeks #physed User Folder: @MissGLeePE

Dance Resource Cards, Head Stand Card and Sport Ed Cricket Resources by Tasha Williams @MissWilliams_PE

New uploads to @PE4Learning by Tasha Williams /dance resource cards MissWilliams_PE.pptx (4 MB) /head stand resource card @MissWilliams_PE.docx (633 KB) /sport ed cricket card pack @MissWilliams_PE.pp...Read More

Badminton Shot Cards | Umpire Signals | Peer Assessment Sheets by Tasha Williams @misswilliamspe

New uploads to @PE4Learning by Tasha Williams @misswilliamspe /Badminton shot cards.pptx (906 KB) /peer assessment sheet.docx (109 KB) /umpire hand signals.pptx (552 KB) Visit the @PE4Learning Communi...Read More

Mr Toftes Orienteering PE @ChrisTofte3

New uploads to @PE4Learning by ChrisTofte3 @ChrisTofte3 /Mr Tofte\’s Orienteering PE.pptx (31 MB) Visit the @PE4Learning Community Drive to download. #pegeeks #physed

Fitness Challenge from @ Miss Polson

New uploads to @PE4Learning by nosloP83 /Fitness Challenge Miss Polson.pptx (1 MB) Visit the @PE4Learning Community Drive to download. #pegeeks #physed

@SIDWELLPE Fantasy Fitness

New uploads to @PE4Learning by LsidwellUCTC /Fantasy Fitness- Squad Selector @SIDWELLPE.docx (476 KB) /Fantasy Fitness- Team Sheet @SIDWELLPE.docx (15 KB) /Fantasy Fitness- @SIDWELLPE.pptx (697 KB) Vi...Read More

Orienteering Questions @missfoxPE

New uploads to @PE4Learning by Sarah Fox /Orienteering Questions @missfoxPE.pptx (10 MB) Visit the @PE4Learning Community Drive to download. #pegeeks #physed

Core PE Practical Sports – Subject Knowledge Organisers @mrtbrindley

New uploads to @PE4Learning by Thomas brindley /Core PE – Subject Knowledge Organisers.pptx (10 MB) Visit the @PE4Learning Community Drive to download. #pegeeks #physed Download Download these r...Read More

@PE_Hill Tennis Skill Cards

New uploads to @PE4Learning by PE_Hill /@PE_Hill Tennis Skill Cards.pdf (7 MB) Visit the @PE4Learning Community Drive to download. #pegeeks #physed Download Download these resources and thousands more...Read More

How is social media being used in relation to health during COVID-19? We are interested in your views – anyone age 13 or over complete this quick survey | @VGoodyear

At the University of Birmingham, we are currently completing a study exploring the role of social media in health during COVID-19. This involves the completion of a survey (10-15 mins) and is for stud...Read More

Fitness Workouts – Interactive PowerPoint @Kbarkerpe

New uploads to @PE4Learning by @Kbarkerpe /KD Fitness Workouts @Kbarkerpe.pptx (19 MB) Visit the @PE4Learning Community Drive to download. #pegeeks #physed Download Direct download link Download these...Read More

Workout Ideas @MissHabberfield

New uploads to @PE4Learning by Alys Habberfield /250-14 WORKOUT.docx (166 KB) /EMOM.AMRAP24.docx (89 KB) /ECCENTRIC WORKOUT.docx (104 KB) /EXPLORING WALES.docx (172 KB) /FITNESS BINGO.docx (94 KB) /FL...Read More

Sports Bingo Homework

New uploads to @PE4Learning by Lauren Rowntree /Sport Bingo Homework.pptx (4 MB) #pegeeks #physed Download Download these resources and thousands more in the @PE4Learning Community Resource Drive...Read More


THE TEACH MEET FOR PHYSICAL EDUCATION TEACHERS, BY PHYSICAL EDUCATION TEACHERS. WANT TO GET INVOLVED? We are now in the process of selecting our KeyNote, KeyNote PE, and TeachMeet session leaders. Spe...Read More

Physical Education Resources from ZigZag Education | KS3 Practical, A-Level, GCSE, BTEC Sport & OCR Cambridge Nationals

Welcome to ZigZag Education! Here you will find everything you need to explore the field of Physical Education and Sport! Navigate the page below to find resources for the following courses: A Level P...Read More

Jasmine is a new primary PE digital platform to support teachers and pupils in their real PE and real gym lessons, and real play sessions @Create_Dev

FREE real PE and real gym Lesson Plans   Jasmine is the new primary PE digital platform which supports teachers and pupils in their real PE and real gym lessons and has been developed by Create Develo...Read More

PE4Learning Academy Online Courses and Lessons

Enrol onto a PE4Learning Academy course and start learning.  Embark on your professional development journey by visiting one of the courses below to get started.  Courses contain short, rich instructi...Read More

Review of GCSE, AS and A level physical education activity list

Overview The Department for Education is inviting proposals to add activities to the published GCSE, AS and A level physical education (PE) activity list.   Why We Are Consulting The Department f...Read More

“How long should a SoW be?” Curriculum scrutiny: 4 week rotations @OPPE2715

During my teacher training I had always had an interest in time management. If you did not find learning about padagogy, lesson planning and behaviour management techniques difficult then discovering ...Read More

How and what do you baseline in Yr7 PE? @SInsights_UK

HOW and WHAT do you BASELINE in Yr7 PE? We really think there should be more support for STANDARDISING this area. Please leave COMMENTS if you have opinions. A RT would be helpful 🙂@PEInnovators @ando...Read More

The Multi Events Awards Tracker from @PEInnovators

??Interested in The Multi Events Awards Tracker? ?? ??Tri/PentDecathlon?? Whole school League Tables Who’s the fastest in the school ? Automatically assigns students points for multi stage awards Like...Read More

QR Code Praise Postcard from @SeanProctor4

Newest addition of QR code praise postcard, Qr code isn’t linked.Comments? @PEgeeks @davidfawcett27 @CutterVolante13 — Sean Proctor (@SeanProctor4) October 2, 2013

My Personal Best Support Package from @YouthSportTrust

My Personal Best is our award-winning support package designed to inspire secondary PE teachers to confidently teach life skills to all young people. Check out our #MyPB national training on 27 Feb! h...Read More

4 Way Badminton Idea – @DiCataldoPE

Had a go at @MrGoldmanPE 4 way badminton! Boys renamed it ‘Criss Cross Badminton’ and decided on some rules – if you fail to return/hit the shuttle out or at the net you lose a point, as well as...Read More

#PEChat: Assessment FOR Learning In #PhysEd from @phys_educator

RE-POST from Here is the Twitter Moment Summary for last night’s #PEChat on Assessment FOR Learning In #PhysEd. So much great information was shared, it was hard to not j...Read More

The PE Playbook by @ImSporticus

The PE Play Book is a monthly review of blog posts that are specific to Physical Education and Youth Sport. PE Playbook – April 2015 Edition – Blogger of the Month  Dr. Vicky Goodyear at PE and Sport ...Read More

Did Ofsted consider PE and school sport when they visited your school? Youth Sport Trust

by Ali Sturla, YST Development Manager The Youth Sport Trust’s Ali Sturla looks at how one school made sure PE was front and centre in its recent Ofsted inspection: In June this year Blessed George Na...Read More

5 reasons why gratitude is so important @TeacherTriangle

5 Reasons Why Gratitude is so Important to Have in Your Life and as a Teacher   With gratitude, there are simply a lot of benefits that we can obtain that can help in our long-term health and wel...Read More

Lanyard Leadership Free Trial

What do Ofsted think? Latest Ofsted Comment “In a highly effective physical education lesson students made rapid progress in their knowledge of theory and practical skills where mobile phones were use...Read More

Want to change the future of secondary PE? @WillSwaithes & @YouthSportTrust

Does your secondary PE offer need a facelift to be more meaningful and relevant to students and senior leaders? Do you want to debate and inform on future policy around secondary PE? If so, this road ...Read More

Cricket Resources from Chance To Shine @Chance2Shine

Aim We’re on a mission to spread the power of cricket by giving all young people the opportunity to play and learn through cricket. Chance to Shine is designed to support you in the achievement of you...Read More

KS3 Dance ideas for non-specialists by @thePEdiary

As previously discussed, I am fully aware that not every teacher jumps for joy when seeing ‘DANCE’ crop up on their programme of study for the year. Have no fear, I have some ideas to create a fun and...Read More

20 tips for all sport parents from @BelievePHQ

Free infographics Sign up to The Performance Room as a Rookie to unlock dozens of free infographics – Link Here

Free sample practical PE lessons to try from @TeacherTriangle

Contact Teacher Triangle Email Teacher Triangle Website Link Visit site. Teacher Triangle Products View Products

Bingo 0&X’s Connect 3 Practical Challenges

Kindly shared by @adamknowles0 at @STM_PE Challenge Cards Included: Table Tennis Dance Football Badminton Rugby Netball Trampoline How To Use: Edit challenges to suit your students Print, laminate, or...Read More

10 tips to become more resilient @TeacherTriangle

If you become someone that refuses to never give up you will be amazed at how successful you can become. Develop a mentality and a mindset where it is ok to fail. Failure is part of the journey to you...Read More

10 tips to become more positive @TeacherTriangle

Our thoughts and the way we think define who we are, how we feel and ultimately the experiences we have in life. Never underestimate the power of mental practice. It really isn’t rocket science,...Read More

This Girl Can Poster Creator @MissCClarkPE

Made my own posters ?✌?️ #ThisGirlCan @ThisGirlCanUK #PE — Miss Clark (@MissCClarkPE) February 16, 2017  

Top 5 TED Talks for Physical Educators @justybubPE

Top 5 TED Talks for Physical Educators Today’s physical educators are continuously seeking opportunities for professional development. One can choose a traditional route of enriching their craft by pr...Read More

Bridging the gap at Key Stage Three and Four for GCSE/BTEC PE @TeacherTriangle

By @TeacherTriangle at The key stage three PE whiteboard design below was developed to help: Improve consistency of teaching and learning across the department. Reduce planning...Read More

Basketball Sport Education

Basketball Sport Education Pack @RyanForwoodPE

Kindly shared by @RyanForwoodPE. Search the site for more Sport Education packs from the #PE4Learning network. Downloads This file can be found alongside many others in the ‘resources’ sec...Read More

Non-Participant Worksheets in Physical Education

Non-Participant Worksheets in Physical Education A collection of non-participant worksheets in Physical Education available to download for free from website and Google Drive Downloads...Read More

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