Yr9 GCSE PE Methods of Training Create Your Own Session plus HIIT Your Memory Retrieval Sheets from Mrs R Potter

New uploads to by Mrs R Potter @rhianpotter /Yr9 GCSE Methods of Training create own session.docx (61 KB) /HIIT your memory unit 3.docx (36 KB) /HIIT your memory Unit 1.docx (28 KB) /...Read More

Recognition of Excellent Effort Cards and Extended Writing Grid WJEC CBAC 6/8/10 Mark Questions AO3 from @RhianPotter

New uploads to by Rhian Potter /SS Qr – Postcard ROUND.pptx (2 MB) /Extended writing grid.docx (199 KB) Visit the @PE4Learning Community Drive to download. The resource can be l...Read More

Yr 7 Home Learning Menu by Mr Low

New uploads to by Mr Low /Yr 7 Home learning menu.docx (116 KB) Visit the @PE4Learning Community Drive to download. The resource can be located in the Recent Uploads folder as well as...Read More

GCSE PE Simplified Revision Book @GCSEsimplified – Endorsed by

Background GCSE Simplified was set up to simplify the exam content of the new generation of linear exam qualifications. The sole purpose is to make it easier for students to revise and most importantl...Read More

Course Tracker Review Point Progress Chart

This example is for A Level OCR PE but can be tweaked to suit your specification and course needs. Download

Proposed changes to the assessment of GCSEs, AS and A levels in 2021​

Summary Proposals to modify the assessment requirements for some GCSEs, AS and A levels in response to disruption to education caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. This consultation closes at11:45pm on 16...Read More

New uploads to @PE4Learning by @MrWardPE Sport Studies – R052 LO4 PP

New uploads to @PE4Learning by mward87 /@MrWardPE Sport Studies – R052 LO4 PP.pptx (5 MB) Visit the @PE4Learning Community Drive to download. #pegeeks #physed

@JMcTiffen – Level 3 Sport BTEC Anatomy Summer Work

New uploads to @PE4Learning by Joe Mctiffen @JMcTiffen /@JMcTiffen – L3 Sport BTEC Anatomy Summer Work.docx (2 MB) Visit the @PE4Learning Community Drive to download. #pegeeks #physed

Curriculum Intent Overview KS3 KS4 Core and KS4 Cambridge National from Andrew Murray @AndrewM98320125

New uploads to @PE4Learning by Andrew Murray /1 – Curriculum Intent Overview (KS3) – PE – Feb 2020.docx (375 KB) /1 – Curriculum Intent Overview (KS4 – Cambridge National...Read More

@MrGrantPE BTEC Level 1-2 Data Spreadsheet

New uploads to @PE4Learning by Tom Grant /@MrGrantPE BTEC Level 1_2 Data Spreadsheet.xlsx (12 KB) Visit the @PE4Learning Community Drive to download. #pegeeks #physed

CNAT Assessment guide RO52 | RO53 Sports leadership | RO54 Sport and the Media @MrKerrPE

New uploads to @PE4Learning by @MrKerrPE /CNAT Assessment guide RO52 Developing sports skills.pdf (235 KB) /CNAT Assessment guide RO53 Sports leadership.pdf (203 KB) /CNAT Assessment guide RO54 Sport ...Read More

@MissDranePE – ‘VCERT Health and Fitness Workbooks Unit 1 and 2’

New uploads to @PE4Learning by @missdranepe @MissDranePE – ‘VCERT Health and Fitness Workbooks Unit 1 and 2’ Visit the @PE4Learning Community Drive to download. #pegeeks #physed

“The EverLearner and the Future” – Speech by James Simms

Posted by James Simms on June 10, 2020#News Today, James Simms, founder and director of The EverLearner, shared with the education sector his reflections on what the last couple of mont...Read More


New uploads to @PE4Learning by MissHaslamPE /@MissHaslamPE KNOWLEDGE ORGANISERS.pptx (914 KB) Visit the @PE4Learning Community Drive to download. #pegeeks #physed

@MissRetterPE AQA GCSE PE Components of fitness | Connectives and sentence starters | NEA Breakdown

New uploads to @PE4Learning by vicky retter @MissRetterPE /Components of fitness.jpg (295 KB) /Connectives and sentence starters.pptx (704 KB) /NEA Breakdown.pptx (165 KB) Visit the @PE4Learning Commu...Read More

Nathan Walker Physical Education Website | Outstanding IGCSE Support, Physed Infographics, Insightful Blog plus more @NWalkerPE

Check out! Nathan Walker is a Physical Education teacher currently teaching in Shanghai, China. He has experience of teaching in the United Kingdom, the Middle East and Malaysia...Read More

Unit 3 Sports Organisation and Development | Cambridge Technical Sport

New uploads to @PE4Learning by Will Sawyer /Unit 3 Sports Organisation and Development .pdf (9 MB) #pegeeks #physed You can also register for free and upload your own creative Physical Educa...Read More

PE Learning Journeys – Curriculum Mapping

Inspirational tweets showcasing creative ways to map a curriculum or course in Physical Education. Templates available from various resource outlets as well as featuring in the PE4Learning Community D...Read More

OCR – GCSE PE REVISION Website from @C_PettiforPE

This website is available to all students who are studying OCR GCSE Physical Education, to help aid you with your revision and provide support during your GCSE’s. @C_PettiforPE User Folder


THE TEACH MEET FOR PHYSICAL EDUCATION TEACHERS, BY PHYSICAL EDUCATION TEACHERS. WANT TO GET INVOLVED? We are now in the process of selecting our KeyNote, KeyNote PE, and TeachMeet session leaders. Spe...Read More

Deep Dive in PE from @TomBrush1982

Preparing for a deep dive in Physical Education – Notes Below are a number of key points, notes, and questions from people who have experienced a PE deep dive in PE recently. ...Read More

Physical Education Resources from ZigZag Education | KS3 Practical, A-Level, GCSE, BTEC Sport & OCR Cambridge Nationals

Welcome to ZigZag Education! Here you will find everything you need to explore the field of Physical Education and Sport! Navigate the page below to find resources for the following courses: A Level P...Read More

Using images to facilitate students’ learning

Surely, we have all heard the saying “An image is worth a thousand words”. Although it is easy to see how this is the case in the news, what about education? Do images make it easier for pupils to und...Read More

GCSE PE Simplified Revision Book @GCSEsimplified | Edexcel GCSE PE | Edexcel PEP Guide | OCR GCSE PE | Cambridge Nationals Sport Studies | Cambridge Nationals Sport Science

Background GCSE Simplified was set up to simplifiy the exam content of the new generation of linear exam qualifications. The sole purpose is to make it easier for students to revise and most important...Read More

PE4Learning Academy Online Courses and Lessons

Enrol onto a PE4Learning Academy course and start learning.  Embark on your professional development journey by visiting one of the courses below to get started.  Courses contain short, rich instructi...Read More

Scaling Factors Explained by

This is a short video that explains how scaling factors work now that the exam boards aren’t using UMS conversions to regulate the weighting across each unit delivered More info Visit pupil-progress f...Read More

FREE PE Accelerated Learning System from @SenecaLearn | AQA Edexcel OCR

Seneca Learning has been extremely successful this year. Since its launch in March, over 180,000 teachers and students have signed up to the free GCSE courses. The feedback received from Year 11 pupil...Read More

An exam analysis & break down of the #GCSEPE #EdexcelPE exams @Mr_JWN

An exam analysis & break down of the #GCSEPE #EdexcelPE exams that students have just sat, some very interesting aspects in relation to which topics students were assessed on @MrWakefield11 @Plane...Read More

The Teacher in Classroom 21 @The_EverLearner

About This Show A weekly podcast discussing and debating the structures, practices, technologies, and values of the greatest classroom on planet earth in the 21st Century: Classroom 21. Join your host...Read More

Planet PE

I am Richard Bucknall and I’m a head of PE. This channel is here to help all students and staff who have any involvement in Physical Education. I will continue to add content as often as possibl...Read More

Instagram Teaching and Learning Idea @MrDoughtyPE

I’ve found that pupils are engaging very well with activities I set on @instagram. I set homework & revision questions. Trying to think outside the box to engage young people via the positive use ...Read More

FREE GCSE PE Accelerated Learning System from @SenecaLearn – Learn 2x Faster

Gallery What is Seneca? A free Accelerated Learning System based on Neuroscience Seneca uses cognitive neuroscience to create an effective and engaging learning system that boosts memory and understan...Read More

QR Code Praise Postcard from @SeanProctor4

Newest addition of QR code praise postcard, Qr code isn’t linked.Comments? @PEgeeks @davidfawcett27 @CutterVolante13 — Sean Proctor (@SeanProctor4) October 2, 2013

Key Word Picture Frame @PE4Learning

Bring a topic together through the use of the Key Work Picture Frame.  Stimulate thought and response by giving the specification key terminology around the outside and ask the students to apply their...Read More

Humanoid App @MrAdamPE

Enjoyed experimenting with the humanoid app today by @octagon_studio #physed #pripe #secpe #pegeeks #primarymatters #aussiephysed #aussieed #ukedchat #edtech #ipaded —...Read More

Twister Revision Idea from @sutton_mpe

Adapted ? shared at aqa gcse PE prep event to engage in AO’s. Random topic/key term on white board. Ss in small group spins and verbally give answer to the level the spinner lands. Ss in group feedbac...Read More

GCSE PE Resource Box from @RPUffendell

GCSE PE Resource Box kindly shared with the PE4Learning community from @RPUffendell

AQA GCSE PE Revision Guides from @Mr_WebbPE

An outstanding contribution to the PE4Learning community from @Mr_WebbPE for GCSE AQA PE. Downloads This file can be found alongside many others in the ‘resources’ section of the site as w...Read More

OCR A Level Physiology Personalised Learning Checklist / Scheme of Work

Developed a useful tool created by @ClaymanPE.  I have added the Year 2 list to complete the checklist.  #PE4LearningCommunity Download Download these resources and thousands more in the @PE4Learning ...Read More

DIY Instructional Videos – Self Paced, Student-Centered Blended Learning Tool @PE4Learning

This very simple guide will hopefully inspire you to make your own instructional videos to share with your students and allow them 24/7 access to you as a learning resource. Record yourself breaking d...Read More

Teaching #LEVERS for #GCSEPE? Need a different approach to engage your students? @PeActive & @MrAdamPE

Teaching #LEVERS for #GCSEPE ? Need a different approach to engage your students ? Grab your free interactive revision resource here  created by @PeActive & @MrAdamPE #physed...Read More

Learn how to digitise your ‘mock’ exam paper questions in less than 10 minutes @MrAdamPE

Learn how to digitise your ‘mock’ exam paper/questions in less than 10 minutes. Saving you time! Step by Step Guide  #physed #pegeeks #primaryrocks #education #ukedc...Read More

Flipped Learning Model Best Practice – Video CPD

Flipped Learning Model Best Practice – Video CPD Free webinar recording of James Simms CPD session on Flipped Learning Model Best Practice.   Flipped Learning Model Best Practice from James...Read More


GClassroom for Physical Education For a while now we have been sharing resources to aid in the teaching and learning of GCSE and A-Level PE. These resources have been used by practitioners across the ...Read More

Education Reimagined from The EverLearner & myPEexam

We are really proud to present Education Reimagined, which outlines the vision that we have for education. Education Reimagined clearly sets out our philosophy in a unique, simple and refreshing way a...Read More

Exam Trends Since 2012 Edexcel, OCR, and AQA GCSE PE from @My_PE_Exam

PE Exam Skills – Trends since 2012 from @My_PE_Exam Twitter Links Very, very interesting… Please take a look at this PE TEACHERS. @PE4Learning @ImSporticus @thePEcircle @The_EverLearner pi...Read More

OCR A LEVEL PE (2016): EAPI – e-Learning Model Example from @hb_field

It’s worth 15% of the exam – don’t leave it to chance! Here’s a detailed interactive spoken example of the EAPI for OCR A LEVEL PE which will enable your students to fully unde...Read More

Solo Taxonomy, iPads, e-hexagon learning & Explain Everything @PETutor

Over the past couple of months I’ve become increasingly interested in the concept of solo taxonomy and wish to express my thanks to Pam Hook @arti_choke for the explanation of how the taxonomy is best...Read More

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