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Export the raw ‘Live Data’ from The Everlearner Dashboard and transform it into a visual leaderboard using the conditionally formatted Excel spreadsheet from Paul at PE4Learning

The pack contains two resources to transform your raw data into a visually striking leader board. 

Basic Version

The basic version is a one-off centre snapshot of a selected group from the Everlearner Platform. Simply create multiple spreadsheets for different courses or cohorts to track progress.

Advanced Version

The advanced version allows you to export and convert raw data periodically over the course and show progress over time with elements of the basic centre snapshot version incorporated into the design.  The spreadsheet visually demonstrate progress made not from the start of the course but from each periodic checkpoint to see who has and who has not spent time on the platform since the last time the teacher checked.

Free Trial

Download the trial version here to get a flavour of what the resource is all about. Use the password pe4learning to open the document. More advanced versions which are also fully editable are avilable to Premium Members by visiting the Premium Platform to download.

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What is included in the Premium Membership?

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