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This post sheds light on a brilliant website Typeform that enables online form creation.  Entries can then be tracked and collated which can also be adapted to suit extra curricular or school team results.

Below you will find interactive links to a completed PE4Learning test version of the Extra Curricular Results Form.

PE4Learning Extra Curricular Online Results Form- Website Embed

An example of a completed form which can then be embedded into your website or VLE as I have done here with the HTML code provided for you from Typeform.  Embed the link in your staff VLE so it can be easily accessed from the computers in the department.  Click on submit below to see how it works.

PE4Learning Extra Curricular Online Results Form- Button Link

Click the button below to see a test version of the PE4Learning extra curricular online form.   Typeform supplies you with the HTML code to insert a button into your website or simply the URL address to email to your staff so they can use the form.

Visit Typeform for a How To Guide.


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