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A recent lesson involved me sitting for nearly half of the lesson time as a student while the students in the A Level PE group stood up at the front and ran the lesson off the back of pre-lesson Flipped Learning homework using mypeexam.  Their preparation using the mypeexam on-line learning platform, flipped learning booklet notes and team work while planning on the white board, allowed them to successfully answer the challenge question which was “Describe the 3 laws and 3 types of motion and apply them to the example of the 100m sprinter in the starting blocks below”.

I simply put my hand up to ask questions, prompted them to explain to me what they had wrote on the board and then asked them to challenge me with some questions to show my K&U just like I would to them if roles were reversed.  The lesson structure and outcome hits home how good they can be when challenged and the normal T&L model is changed or flipped on its head. The point hits home time and time again that when you engage in this or similar models of learning then breaking away from the norm and putting the student in the driving seat of their own learning is so worthwhile and rewarding.

The instructional videos and accompanying assessment material from mypeexam are so valuable and I guess what I want to get across is that you can slowly and steadily change the way you teach but more importantly the way students learn using a blend of self paced / mastery / flipped or blended models to break away from the norm.

Step by Step:

  • set a piece of ‘Flipped Learning Homework’ using mypeexam or other platform
  • provide the students with note taking material (I use my Flipped Learning Booklet)
  • prepare a challenge / question / application of knowledge task (I used the PowerPoint slide in the images below which acted a little like a case study to be used throughout the topic)
  • ask the students to write their responses/K&U on the white board to the challenge
  • encourage them to work as a team, share ideas,and check each others work
  • ask a student who is good at organising to plan who is going to deliver certain sections to the teacher once ready to deliver (you will notice the numbers 1-5 on the board signifying which student was going to deliver which piece of information)
  • the students then present their work to you in presentation form
  • ask questions and prompt them for more detailed responses when needed
  • have them ask you questions about the topic
  • finish with a written exam question or task which gets them to transfer the board work into their booklets or workbooks
  • mark (self, peer or teacher) their responses and give appropriate feedback
  • any gaps in knowledge can be addressed in future planning

Alternative Flipped Tasks

Follow the same format as above but present the students with PlayDoh, white board pens and any other tools to present their learning in the form of Art Attack Table Art.  See more examples from this post here.


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