GCSE PE Interactive Revision from @peprestonmanor

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Interactive GCSE PE revision PowerPoint.

Introduction Video can be seen here:

How-To Video can be seen here:

I tried to make away that my students could revise the whole syllabus but still have a teacher’s guidance.

All you need is the Power Point, a piece of paper & a pen.

What it has:
• Key concepts of every topic
• 1 mark questions for every part of the syllabus.
• 6 mark questions for each topic.

Any questions please feel free to ask.

Please leave a review/comment if you download.

Damian Edwards @peprestonmanor


This file can be found alongside many others in the ‘resources’ section of the site as well as in the PE4Learning Google Drive.

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  1. This is an excellent resource, thank you very much

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