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ME in PE

Over the last few years I have been inspired by theYST and the PE community to create and adapt ideas taken from twitter to create my version of a ‘ME in PE’ approach to assessment in order to move away from assessing without levels. Over the last three years, as a PE faculty we have been using the ‘ME in PE’ approach to assessment. Although still in its infancy, I am still adapting the assessment model and process in order to make it more sustainable, relevant, and accessible to varying pupil needs. The ‘ME in PE’ approach has been adapted to fit in line with the whole school assessment and reporting process. The whole school use the following learning thresholds: Foundation, Developing, Secure and Excellence. Reporting and data input is done three times in the year.

In order to match the ‘ME in PE’ statements (see below) to fit in line with whole school assessment and data procedures and to show progress in the ME’s over time, a numerical value is given to each learning threshold: Foundation (1), Developing (2), Secure (3) and Excellence (4). I am aware this could be interpreted as levels still, but as this is the whole school assessment policy I have to adapt my ideas to fit in line with school policy and procedures.

So when the first data entry is inputted at end of the Autumn term, pupils would then be assessed on only two of the ME’s e.g. Year 7 (AUTUMN) will complete a Cooperative Learning unit – working on the outcomes from (Social ME and Thinking ME). Each pupil will then be given a threshold for just these two ME’s based on which outcomes they had completed during the Autumn term. These two ME’s would be given a score e.g. Social ME (2) = Developing and Thinking ME (1) = Foundation. The other MEs that have not been the focus would be given a 0.  These would be inputted on SIMS (photo to be uploaded) in a drop down box, so each pupil will have next to them the 5 ME’s and then a box to put in a numerical value from 1-4 depending on the threshold they have achieved.

Then, the following term pupils would complete a Teaching Movement For Understanding (TMFU) unit that would focus on developing the ‘Physical ME’ and ‘Personal ME’ outcomes. These would be the only ME’s filled during the next data input. So pupils numerical values would change throughout the year.
At the end of the year pupils would have had values put in for each ME linked to a threshold e.g. Tom Brush Physical ME (Secure 3), Thinking ME (Foundation 1), Social ME (Developing 2), Personal ME (Developing 2), Healthy ME (Secure 3). This is then taken through to the following year where pupils work on the next model/units. This can be used to identify strengths and improvements for each pupil in each of the ME’s and if you have a large cohort, you could adapt your groups to focus on specific ME’s. Each teaching model selected can then be chosen to develop specific learning outcomes.
I am currently in the process of creating a key assessment task for each teaching model with outcomes for each task (see below) for staff to use as an outline. As my school is very much values led, a lot of the work and tasks we do in lessons is linked to values (blog post to follow more on this). The visual below kindly adapted by Pupil Progress.

Any feedback or questions please feel free to contact me on twitter @tombrush1982.

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