OCR A LEVEL PE (2016): EAPI – e-Learning Model Example from @hb_field


It’s worth 15% of the exam – don’t leave it to chance!

Here’s a detailed interactive spoken example of the EAPI for OCR A LEVEL PE which will enable your students to fully understand the requirements of and prepare thoroughly for this important part of the non examined assessment (NEA).

This engaging audio and visual resource puts your students firmly in the ‘learning driving seat’ and allows them to have complete control of their own learning and understanding by easily navigating to any section of the EAPI, whether it be strengths and weaknesses, progressive practices and coaching points or application of theory.

Providing your students with a step by step guide to the structure of the EAPI, this resource emphasises the use of key terminology and gives detailed spoken exemplar responses for each section, which include:

⁃ strengths and weaknesses (skills, fitness, tactics & overall success)
⁃ identification of a chosen weakness including justification and action plan for improvement
⁃ time frame (frequency and duration)
⁃ 6 detailed progressive practices
⁃ detailed coaching points for each progressive practice
⁃ application of theory, including: movement analysis, aerobic capacity, periodisation & training cycles, muscle fibre types, skill classification, types & methods of practice, methods of guidance, types of feedback, stages of learning and social facilitation
⁃ pre and post test measures for improvement

The sport used in this example is hockey, but the principles of much of the content are generic and can be applied to any number of different sports.

See this resource in action:

Copy and paste this link into your browser to see how this interactive resource works. LINK

Personalised learning

Simply distribute the url address to your students electronically and they can use this resource on any PC, tablet or mobile device giving them complete freedom to access and revisit sections of the EAPI of their choice in any order. Perfect for personalised learning and preparation for your students’ EAPI and especially useful if time for teaching the NEA is limited in your centre.

Please be aware that this resource focuses mainly on the AS EAPI, but you will see that it is equally useful for students preparing for the EAPI after two years’ study.

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