@PE4Learning Community Drive Update – New Feature! – Instant access to the PE4Learning Community Drive via your own Google Drive with auto-update capabilities saving teachers even more time [BETA]

@PE4Learning Community Drive Update - New Feature! - Instant access to the PE4Learning Community Drive via your own Google Drive with auto-update capabilities saving teachers even more time [BETA]

A long-awaited update to the Community Drive (although still in BETA testing) is now in testing phase and open to trial.

The popular PE4Learning Community Drive has been a source of inspiration and a time-saving tool for over 5 years and has always been and will always be FREE to use for the PE Community.

I (Paul at PE4Learning) am proud of its development from inception and feel privileged to have such a supportive community around @PE4Learning with users taking their time to share through the platform to inspire fellow practitioners.

At present, the Drive is secured behind an application which allows more control over uploads with each user contribution going through a ‘holding pen’ moderation phase to ensure a two-step authentication to avoid any data breaches or sharing of private data. This will remain in place for new uploads but there is a big change to how users can easily access resources already featured on the drive.

The video below shows you how you can add the @PE4Learning Community Drive to your own Google Drive in less than a few simple steps to view files and every new upload will, of course, appear on the site but also in your own Google Drive for you to access 24/7.

There, of course, will be restrictions in that it is a ‘view only‘ folder and there will be no ‘drag and drop‘ feature to add new resources straight into the drive from the Google platform. Users wanting to add their resources to share with the masses will still have to visit the PE4Learning Community Drive page to do so to ensure maximum privacy and security levels. It also avoids the folder being deleted or moved which has happened on numerous occasions in the past.

In a nutshell, it means you can:

  • view and download files directly from your Google Drive folder without navigating to PE4Learning.com
  • download multiple files and folders directly from Google Drive
  • add a shortcut to the shared PE4Learning Community Drive folder to your ‘My Drive’ area
  • see uploads as they appear on the website directly in your Google Drive platform
  • visit PE4Learning.com to upload new resources or alternatively if you have a folder on Google Drive that you would like to share but do not want to download it to upload then you can do so by sharing it with Paul at PE4Learning via his PE4Learning Google Drive account here – the folder would have to be checked before sending to ensure no personal or identifiable student data is present in the files.

How to guide

Written Instructions

  • Hover over the folder or click the down arrow in the folder until you see the option to ‘share’
  • Highlight and copy the URL or click the copy icon
  • Paste this into a new tab address bar and click enter
  • If logged out of your Google account you will see the option to download all files or navigate each folder individually
  • Login to your Google Account to locate the folder in the ‘Shared with Me’ tab at the left of the screen
  • You can right click on the folder and ‘Add Shortcut to My Drive’ so it becomes visiable in the ‘My Drive’ folder of your Google Account
  • Right click and ‘star’ the folder to make it quickyl accessible from the left ‘Starred’ tab

I hope this helps save some time and improves the navigation of the PE4Learning Community Drive for many users.

Thank you so much to all those who have shared their work through PE4Learning. Ultimately, it is the students we teach who benefit from our ‘sharing is caring’ attitude. They are always our primary goal and priority in all of this.

Paul Towns


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