Quick Teaching Tool – Talk It, Cover It, Improve It, Apply It, Write It


How do I use it?

A – Create a list of essential key topics, terminology or key definitions.

B – Create a list of trigger words to structure discussion, but put them in random order so the students need to think a little harder before discussing a key definition. E.g. Newton’s Law 1 – A BODY will remain at REST or UNIFORM VELOCITY unless acted upon by an EXTERNAL FORCE.

C – Follow the instruction in the title – ‘Cover it‘ up and recall the definition from memory. ‘Improve it‘ by giving or getting some feedback on your attempt from a partner or teacher. ‘Apply it‘ encourages the student to give an appropriate practical example to the definition if there is one to give.  Finally, ‘Write it‘ in a booklet, note paper, or integrate this part with the PE4Learning Question Assessment Sheet 


This file can be found alongside many others in the ‘resources’ section of the site as well as in the PE4Learning Google Drive.

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