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Meaningful Experiences in PE: Guiding Principles –

Guiding Principles of Meaningful PE

Movement has the potential to enrich human existence and Physical Education can be a site that contributes to this by creating meaningful experiences of movement. Meaningful experiences are those that hold ‘personal significance’ to the learner. PE Teachers who subscribe to the creation of meaningful experiences, are influenced not just by the achievement of learning objectives but by the value the learner attributes to all forms of movement and to PE itself. If teaching is seen as problem finding, problem defining and problem solving in a complex environment to assist the individual or collective to flourish, then we need guiding principles for our professional judgement and decision making. Ultimately we want children to become physically educated, to see how habitual daily movement can help them to flourish, no matter what version of a ‘good life‘ they may have. Often though, our teaching can get in the way of meaning making we end up providing children with a series of disjointed and meaningless experiences. A ‘Pedagogy of Meaningful PE’ is where the teacher attempts to position movement as something relevant and embedded into the lives of the children they teach. Below are 8 guiding principles for PE Teachers who may want to attend to the creation of meaningful experiences within their lessons as a priority:

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