Takeaway Homework in Physical Education

Takeaway Homework in PE Thanks to @Coach_Teach_Gaz, @ladybridgeGPN, @TomBrush1982, @ClairKnowland, @Ritson_S, @_rickhogg_, @MBowePE, @Newerz83, @Tedfordanielle and @emmasheehan76 for sharing them thro...Read More

Revision Spaced Learning Scratch Cards from @TandLFactory

An excellent teaching resource idea from @TandLFactory taking inspiration from @olivercavigliol & @AceThatTest strategies. Homework is set by scratching one topic box and one strategy box per week...Read More

GCSE Super 6 Plenary/Competition – @PE_Hill

Update to the Super 6 plenary @PE_Hill created last year.  It is an introductory PowerPoint and a way of displaying the games and questions for that week. Download it here Once you have downloaded thi...Read More

PE Homework – Bucket List

Idea  Is there any scope for developing a homework bucket list for PE?  Would there be any value/point to it?  

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