OCR Sports Studies – Retrieval Sheet @TomBrush1982

New uploads to by tombrush1982 /OCR Sports Studies – retrieval sheet.docx (62 KB) Visit the @PE4Learning Community Drive to download. The resource can be located in the Recent U...Read More

MTV / Sky Sports / Netflex Interactive Fitness Resource PowerPoints from @MrShieldsPE

New uploads to by Frazer Shields /@MrShieldsPE – Netflex Board HT2.pptx (8 MB) /@MrShieldsPE – MTV slides NEW (1).pptx (8 MB) /@MrShieldsPE – Netflex Board HT3 NEW.p...Read More

NGB Covid19 Guidelines for a number of sports @guywnuk

NGB Covid19 Guidelines for a number of sports. Most NGBs are focused on recreational rather than school #PE, suggest they’re used in conjunction with DfE guidelines. More

20 tips for all sport parents from @BelievePHQ

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Sports Leaders Task Cards @MrFallickPE

This pack contains 18 cards that can be used by Sports Leaders to organise and lead an indoor athletics festival or event.  From @MrFallickPE. Downloads This file can be found alongside many others in...Read More