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  1. Make PE a core subject from KS1-KS5 with a minimum of 2hrs allocated weekly16,134 signatures
  2. Reinstate sailing and windsurfing to A level and GCSE PE2,037 signatures, now closed
  3. Put Synchronised swimming on the GCSE PE Syllabus as a sport option.1,322 signatures
  4. Keep children healthy, Keep PE in ALL schools!177 signatures
  5. Put martial arts back on the GCSE/A Level PE activity list126 signatures
  6. hold the judiciary accountable in familycourt for sending kids to unsafe contactRejected
  7. Year 10 & Year 11 students should focus on GCSEs and not have to do PE.21 signatures, now closed
  8. Put Fencing on the GCSE PE Syllabus as a sport option.20 signatures
  9. Make PE mandatory for a minimum of 2-hours per week in primary schools.19 signatures
  10. Make schools provide 20 mins planned exercise each day to tackle rising obesity.13 signatures, now closed
  11. Stop Physical Education (PE) from being compulsory from Year 9 to Year 1112 signatures
  12. Change PE back to 60% practical 40% theory9 signatures, now closed
  13. Allow students to do physical education with mixed gendersRejected
  14. If the temperature is below freezing ban physical education in schoolRejected
  15. School Uniform Should Not Be Mandatory as it causes more distractions!Rejected
  16. Students shouldn’t have to pay for school dinners or breakfast.Rejected
  17. Animals have feelings, stop them being hurt by Theresa May’s idiocy.Rejected
  18. Stop schools giving out after-school detentions so easilyRejected

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