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27 results as of June 2019

  1. New independent complaints & monitoring body for schools & local authorities2,736 signatures, now closed
  2. Mary-Jayne’s Law – New Attendance Policy in Schools for the physically impaired395 signatures
  3. Make LGBT+ Sex Ed. Compulsory In Secondary Schools.213 signatures
  4. Keep children healthy, Keep PE in ALL schools!175 signatures
  5. Make computer science controlled assessments (NEA’S) mandatory for the GCSE.163 signatures, now closed
  6. Make self defence part of the physical education curriculum65 signatures, now closed
  7. A wider range of physical education must be taught in schools58 signatures, now closed
  8. Make children’s activities and clubs VAT exempt52 signatures
  9. Add miscarriges into the secondary school sex education national curriculum34 signatures, now closed
  10. Give parents/Carers the right to opt their child out of all aspects of RSE.Rejected
  11. Make self defence part of the physical education programmeRejected
  12. Year 10 & Year 11 students should focus on GCSEs and not have to do PE.21 signatures, now closed
  13. Cancel all University end of year exams where the content has not been taught.Rejected
  14. Revoke the right of the OfS to share data with private entities without consent.20 signatures, now closed
  15. Make the practice of breast ironing young females a specific criminal offence18 signatures
  16. Teach schools about emotional & physical wellbeing, mental health & illnesses17 signatures, now closed
  17. Fix the Special Educational needs provision in the UK. It’s not fit for purpose.Rejected
  18. Stop Physical Education (PE) from being compulsory from Year 9 to Year 1112 signatures
  19. Require all schools to allow boys to wear shorts.11 signatures, now closed
  20. Change PE back to 60% practical 40% theory9 signatures, now closed
  21. Scottish government to review their policy on mainstreaming children with ASNRejected
  22. Allow students to do physical education with mixed gendersRejected
  23. I want to raise awareness for mental health in school for kids.Rejected
  24. Ban jumps in horseracing. Horse physiology suited for galloping.Rejected
  25. Teachers should ask for parents/guardian permission before teaching RSE/LGBTQRejected
  26. If the temperature is below freezing ban physical education in schoolRejected
  27. Consequences of bullying to be a compulsory topic taught in schoolsRejected

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