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Twister Revision Idea from @sutton_mpe

Adapted 💡 shared at aqa gcse PE prep event to engage in AO’s. Random topic/key term on white board. Ss in small group spins and verbally give answer to the level the spinner lands. Ss in group feedback and critique answer given. Ss loved it 👍👌👍@ShareLearnTPE @PE4Learning — Mr Sutton (@sutton_mpe) February 3, 2018

#PEChat: Assessment FOR Learning In #PhysEd from @phys_educator

RE-POST from Here is the Twitter Moment Summary for last night’s #PEChat on Assessment FOR Learning In #PhysEd. So much great information was shared, it was hard to not just share it all! Thanks again to our moderator team for leading an awesome chat! 🎵 The #PhysEd Show | Assessment FOR Learning w/ @terridr99. Full…
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Create Student Reports From Your Class Tracker from @MrAdamPE

Throughout my teaching career, I have always enjoyed looking for ways that technology can help me to work smarter, not harder. While I was at college I studied AS ICT and I do believe this gave me the basic skills I needed when it came to designing department systems. I have made numerous ‘fancy’ tracking…
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Using Form Publisher in PhysEd | Performance Analysis Portfolio Google Apps from @MrAdamPE

Students access the form/assessment on any device and a report is then created for them to use in their own portfolio.  Get your FREE template and instructional video in your inbox today  Save time by working smarter,not harder #physed #pegeeks #pechat #ukpechat Ss access the form/assessment on any device and a report is then…
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Quizlet – Digital Learning in Physical Education by @PETutor

Course description How to Enhance and Transform Student Learning using Quizlet! (Part of the Digital Learning in Physical Education Series) The use of digital technology to enhance and transform teaching and learning is growing rapidly. In this free course you’ll learn how to make the best use of Quizlet to maximise your students’ learning. Quite…
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GClassroom for Physical Education For a while now we have been sharing resources to aid in the teaching and learning of GCSE and A-Level PE. These resources have been used by practitioners across the globe to aid in striving for excellence in their lessons. The resources have been slowly building up inside a shared Google…
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Exam Trends Since 2012 Edexcel, OCR, and AQA GCSE PE from @My_PE_Exam

PE Exam Skills – Trends since 2012 from @My_PE_Exam Twitter Links Very, very interesting… Please take a look at this PE TEACHERS. @PE4Learning @ImSporticus @thePEcircle @The_EverLearner — The Everlearner (@The_Everlearner) April 9, 2017 Made this just for me but I think colleagues might find it interesting….#pegeeks @PE4Learning @ImSporticus @thePEcircle @The_EverLearner — The Everlearner…
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OCR A LEVEL PE (2016): EAPI – e-Learning Model Example from @hb_field

It’s worth 15% of the exam – don’t leave it to chance! Here’s a detailed interactive spoken example of the EAPI for OCR A LEVEL PE which will enable your students to fully understand the requirements of and prepare thoroughly for this important part of the non examined assessment (NEA). This engaging audio and visual…
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Flipped Learning Mat – @PE4Learning

Flipped Learning Mat #FLMat from PE4Learning Version 3.0 Background to Flipped Learning The Aim of the Flipped Learning Mat #FLMat The idea of Flipped Learning is vastly becoming popular to extend learning outside and inside of the classroom.  I have started to set my A Level students videos to watch on certain topics before they come to…
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