Bitmoji Inspired Virtual Classroom Design Tutorial – Learn how to use Google Slides or Microsoft PowerPoint to create interactive virtual classroom graphics [PREMIUM]

About this course

This self-directed course teaches you how to create, design, edit and publish your very own Bitmoji inspired Virtual Classroom.  Paul at PE4Learning takes you through the steps he takes to create image links to useful educational resources that students can interact with virtually on an internet-enabled device.  Signpost students to important resources, videos and reading material all from the simplicity of a single infographic virtual classroom poster.

Learning outcomes

You will learn how to:

  • use Google Slides to create, edit and publish your virtual classroom
  • import images and backgrounds
  • setup and use Bitmoji
  • import icons and vector images
  • create URL links to important resources
  • export the presentations into a usable format on internet-enabled devices
  • track student interaction with a click-based monitoring app
  • inserts GIFS
  • group and order graphics and shapes


You will need:

  • access to a desktop PC
  • access to screen recording software
  • access to an internet browser
  • note taking material
  • personal computer/tablet/smartphone threat protection is always advisable when downloading from the internet to manage the security and health of your device.  Do a quick internet search for free antivirus software.  If you have one running make sure it is fully updated.
  • patience, imagination and a growth mindset
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