EverLearner Offline Tracker and Leaderboard Course *Coming Soon [PREMIUM]

About this course

This self-directed course guides you through the steps needed to create and share your own offline EverLearner leaderboard.  Learn through simple to follow instructional video tutorials on how to export student data and present that data in a visual format using Microsoft Excel.


Learning outcomes

You will learn how to:

  • Export student data from The Everlerner
  • Copy and paste using special functions to maintain the formatting of the spreadsheet
  • Create your own course tracker to share with students or colleagues offline
  • Create and edit conditional formatting to enhance the visual representation of the tracker
  • Track progress offline using basic and advanced formulas
  • Share the offline tracker through various platforms
  • Encrypt and password-protect the spreadsheet to maintain privacy and data protection


You will need:

  • access to a desktop PC, tablet or smartphone
  • access to Microsoft Excel
  • access to an internet browser
  • note taking material
  • personal computer/tablet/smartphone threat protection is always advisable when downloading from the internet to manage the security and health of your device.  Do a quick internet search for free antivirus software.  If you have one running make sure it is fully updated.
  • patience, imagination and a growth mindset
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