Street Dance (Popping Style) Routine – 6 Part Tutorial from @BurchEdge Coach Me PE [PREMIUM]

About this course

This video course takes you through the carefully choreographed steps required to perform a unique Street Dance in a popping style led by @BurchEdge at Coach ME PE.  This 6 part course guides you through 4 sections to the count of 8 with a full routine performed with and without music.  Ideal for engaging boys in Dance and Performing Arts as well as implementation into core and examination PE across the key stages.  Similarly, those embarking on teacher training will no doubt have to plan and lead Dance on the curriculum as part of a teacher training course.


You will learn how to:

  • break the routine up into 4 counts of 8
  • perform the routine with and without music


You will need:

  • access to a desktop PC
  • access to an internet browser
  • a safe workspace free of obstacles
  • Imagination, creativity, expression and a growth mindset 😉


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