Virtual Classroom Interactive Poster Tutorial – Hyperlink PDF Document [PREMIUM]

About this course

This self-directed course teaches you how to create, edit and implement a virtual classroom interactive hyperlink poster for your theory PE course found in the Premium Membership package.


Learning outcomes

You will learn how to:

  • edit the virtual classroom poster
  • create hyperlink images
  • edit backgrounds, icons and images
  • add text bubbles
  • crop and screen-grab images from the internet
  • share the virtual classroom poster with students


You will need:

  • access to a desktop PC
  • access to screen recording software
  • access to an internet browser
  • note taking material
  • personal computer/tablet/smartphone threat protection is always advisable when downloading from the internet to manage the security and health of your device.  Do a quick internet search for free antivirus software.  If you have one running make sure it is fully updated.
  • patience, imagination and a growth mindset
This course is part of the Premium PRO Membership upgrade package
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