BTEC Sport Unit 1 Exam Revision Cards @TotalPESolution [DOWNLOAD]

BTEC Sport Unit 1 Exam Revision Cards @TotalPESolution [DOWNLOAD]

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Create Date28th March 2017

Possible Uses

The way I used the flash cards was to give 1 student 1 card each & keep the rest. Students walked round the room asking each other the question on their card. If they knew the answer to the question on the card they got it. Lots of card swapping & repeated questions so the students learned (hopefully) the answers.

If they couldn’t answer the question on the peers card they would then be left without a card & had to come to me for a new one.

We played for 2 - 5 minutes the winner had the most cards in their hand at the end of the allocated time. 

Rinse & repeat.

Or use your own ideas with the cards.


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