Fitness Monopoly from @aeatonpe [DOWNLOAD]

Fitness Monopoly from @aeatonpe [DOWNLOAD]

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Create Date15th November 2016


  • Pupils work in pairs with a sheet and pencil between them.
  • They work on stations for 40 seconds.
  • You roll the dice in the middle of the sports hall and all pairs move that many spaces.
  • Pupils write their combined total reps in left hand column of the area they visited and collected money in the right hand column.
  • At change stations they go and pick a change card (these can be made and based on anything you like).
  • At jail station they do laps of sports hall.
  • At rest stations they write on a board what they have learnt so far e.g. about HR if that’s the focus of the lesson.
  • At free parking they can answer exam questions/ invent own exercise.


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