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Helping to promote and increase in healthy active living in today's youth

“What started off as a physical activity challenge has moved into a physical activity movement”
– Petja Taivassalo


Did you know that only 9% of Canadian youth (5 -17) are getting the recommended 60 minutes of HEART-PUMPING daily physical activity? (2016 Participaction Report Card)
“BURP IT ON” is a physical activity challenge created by hardworking and dedicated students in Grade 5/6 at Deseronto Public School. Our school is located in Deseronto, Ontario, Canada.  We are hoping that our “BURP IT ON” challenge will help promote an increase in healthy active living in today’s youth (and ADULTS as well!).*** MANY OF OUR PAST PARTICIPANTS HAVE ASKED US TO MAKE YEAR 3 A LITTLE BIT MORE CHALLENGING… YOU ASKED… WE LISTENED!

YEAR 3 of the “BURP IT ON” challenge involves making a CHOICE between three levels:


LEVEL 1 – CHALLENGER will look pretty familiar to past participants.  CHALLENGER requires participants to complete a minimum of 50 burpees (BURP is for BURPees… get it???), 3 minutes of wall sits, 100 jumping jacks, 15 minutes of cardiovascular exercise, 3 minutes of planks and NEW for Year 3… 30 Push-ups!

LEVEL 2 – ADVANCED requires participants to complete a minimum of 75 burpees (BURP is for BURPees… get it???), 5 minutes of wall sits, 150 jumping jacks, 25 minutes of cardiovascular exercise, 5 minutes of planks and NEW for Year 3… 45 Push-ups!

LEVEL 3 – SUPERSTAR requires participants to complete a minimum of 100 burpees (BURP is for BURPees… get it???), 6 minutes of wall sits, 200 jumping jacks, 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise, 6 minutes of planks and NEW for Year 3… 60 Push-ups!

Regardless of the LEVEL you choose, you must complete the tasks within one week. Please feel free to split the activities up as you see fit (i.e. divide your wall sits into sets of 30sec).  Once you have completed your challenge, you must “BURP IT ON” to other classes, schools and/or organizations. Please feel free to “BURP” as many as you like as we  have an ambitious goal of AT LEAST 300 schools/organizations this year, so please keep the challenge moving!

​If you haven’t already watched our video (on our HOME page), it contains other valuable information.  Please be sure to CONTACT us in some form (Google FORM/Twitter/email) so we can tell the world how far the “BURPING” has gone.  Thanks for your support!

Deseronto Grade 5/6 Burp It On Team


Feel free to use the file below to “BURP IT ON” if you wish to!


Download File

For more info visit the following URL: http://burpiton3.weebly.com/about.html →

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