Outstanding Physical Education Lessons FREE CPD Course @VGoodyear

Outstanding Physical Education Lessons FREE CPD Course @VGoodyear

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This free online course is designed to help teachers develop and deliver outstanding physical education (PE) lessons.

Why join the course?

UNESCO have stressed the urgent need for schools to address physical inactivity, by improving young people’s experiences of physical education. Couple this with the regular external inspections that schools in many countries receive, and there are growing pressures on all PE teachers to reach the highest levels of performance.

This free online course is designed to help PE teachers achieve and sustain these levels. It defines an “outstanding” physical education lesson as one that meets the diverse learning needs of all of its students at a point in time and in a specific context.

Become an “activator” and deliver outstanding PE lessons

The course begins with a guided, expert analysis of students’ needs, local and national curriculum requirements, and teachers’ personal readiness to deliver outstanding PE lessons. Throughout, PE teachers will be positioned as “activators” – practitioners who activate new, inclusive learning possibilities for their students.

By the end of the course, you will:

  • understand the characteristics of an outstanding physical education lesson;
  • know and be able to engage with the process of being an activator of learning;
  • develop the capabilities to engage in self-directed continuous professional development (CPD) using a range of digital tools.

Learn with physical education CPD experts

The course has been developed by the School of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of Birmingham. It is led by Dr Victoria Goodyear, who has extensive experience of supporting physical education teachers, through online CPD, video blogging and social media.