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Practical Core PE Scheme of Work Pack – Student Leadership Cards | Football

PE4Learning believes that PE, physical activity and school sport is a vital part of school life and ultimately our student’s future wellbeing. It is therefore our aim to create a learning environment and culture where students are encouraged to take risks, develop physical literacy and take ownership of their learning. With every student in mind our inclusive, broad and balanced student led curriculum pack ensures that ALL students achieve success regardless of their ability. Our intention is to offer an exciting and innovative curriculum to ignite a passion for sport for all learners by developing their; physical skills, literacy skills, leadership skills, theory knowledge and understanding and mindset development. Throughout each year students have the chance to participate, lead and umpire within each core unit. Our ultimate goal is that every student develops physical and mental confidence and a love of learning and desire to lead a lifelong healthy and active lifestyle.


Lesson Sequencing

Lessons have been carefully sequenced to allow all learners to build upon their prior knowledge and skills regarding the five areas of assessment throughout key stage three. The curriculum design provides flexibility to help provide small enough ‘steps’ so all pupils can achieve and thrive.


To ensure all students are celebrated, valued and achieve within PE this scheme of learning uses an assessment model that looks at five different areas; physical skills, literacy skills, theory knowledge and understanding, leadership and mindset development.

Students are assessed against these five areas through our curriculum design and sequencing of lessons using our assessment model of developing, securing and mastering.


Implementation – please scan and read the teacher guidance card which provides CPD videos regarding teaching and learning approaches you may wish to implement using the student leadership cards. This also provides a very clear outline of how the curriculum content and pedagogical practices can be implemented

Design and Implementation

Each scheme of work pack is designed with quality teaching and learning in mind. Once downloaded, it is recommended to print on card and or laminate each pack to ensure they are as durable and effective as possible. *This pack is a digital download and PE4Learning does not supply any laminating and or printing material. You are free to decide how best to implement them into your curriculum.


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