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What is Lanyard Leadership?

The resource draws excitement from students and they are immediately engaged, and curious about learning, it instantly grabs their attention. The resource uses the latest smart interactive technology and puts learning right there, in their hands, on the pitch, in the classroom and it stays with them 24/7… their personal coach/teacher. It genuinely promotes Confidence, Teamwork, & Cooperation in all of the students and develops that hunger for learning. It helps take the sport education model to it’s full potential where blended learning is at the core of the learning process. It empowers students to help create the perfect climate for outstanding learning and progression to take place. An environment where teachers facilitate learning. This unit of work focuses on five areas of development which is suitable for Key stage 2,3 and 4.

# Leadership – whereby students lead each other through using state of the art technology

# Physical skills– the drills develop all the fundamental skills that can be continually developed no matter what level of performance. (Approved by Steve Round UEFA Pro Licensed Coach).

# Literacy skills (Learning conversation) – this helps students develop their communication skills through helping them to describe, evaluate and analyse their own performance and that of their peers.

# Mindset development– students will focus on 10 outstanding learner values that help develop their mental toughness and understanding, through inspirational videos.

# Theory knowledge and understanding – this provides students with purposeful theoretical GCSE understanding which is drip fed each and every lesson.

All of these areas build the foundations for outstanding learning to take place each and every lesson. All of which can be immediately accessible through the easy to use implementation of ICT.

Latest Ofsted Comment    

“In a highly effective physical education lesson students made rapid progress in their knowledge of theory and practical skills where mobile phones were used, to provide clear information and videos that helped students learn.”

Lanyard Leadership comes complete with:


*does not include mobile device

  • 50 Lanyard Leadership Football cards. You get 10 different football lessons (5 of each lesson). Once it is zapped it provides students with expert advice by Steve Round who talks the students through the skill and helps students progress/ differentiate the drill when ready. Each lesson also helps all students develop their GCSE/BTEC theory knowledge and understanding of PE through engaging powerpoints, which the leaders deliver. Students are also encouraged to develop their Mindset through the 10 different outstanding learner values. A different video is provided for each lesson dependent of the value the lesson is looking at. This is to encourage and help develop students mindset, mental toughness and mental wellbeing.
  • 1 teacher guidance card, which once zapped provides an easy to follow explanation of how to use the product effectively to help you deliver a highly effective Physical Education lesson.
  • 11 lanyards -10 of which contain outstanding learner values and one teacher guidance card.


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