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Activ4 delivers inspirational experiences which motivate young people and support school trip leaders with commitment, passion and integrity whilst aspiring to be approachable, supportive, passionate, innovative, reliable and enthusiastic in everything we do.

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School Sports Tours

Inspirational school sports tours and sporting experiences for young people.

For countless students, our sports tours have provided pivotal sporting moments that stay in the memory forever.

Our understanding of what you require stems from our own background as teachers when we traveled on our own sports tours. Our experienced and helpful staff very much take into account what you require from a safe, well-organised school sports trip.

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On all our tailor-made sports tours we guarantee:

  • The quality of the resort’s accommodation and facilities
  • Games and tournaments with equally matched teams
  • Entertainment and activities to keep everyone amused in the evenings

School Ski Trips

Through knowledge, experience, and passion, we aspire to offer excellent school ski trips to young people with market-leading standards of safety, support and value.

Action-packed school ski trips – we’re passionate about delivering bespoke, best value ski trips to a range of worldwide destinations that inspire and motivate young people to a lifetime of learning.

Having been teachers ourselves we understand better than anyone what you, as the party leader, will require from a safe, well-organised ski trip.

In short, we want you to have an action-packed sports tour to ensure that everyone gets the most out of the trip. So why don’t you get your woolies on and join us this year?

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On all our school ski trips we think it’s essential that we account for:

  • The quality of the ski school
  • The appropriate type of skiing available for the group
  • Entertainment and activities to keep everyone amused in the evenings

School Adventure Trips

Give your students the chance to succeed in newfound environments.

Activity and adventure trips are hugely successful inclusions in the school calendar. The students love them, the staff looks forward to them and they provide the perfect platform for inspiring and motivating students.

School adventure trips give your students the chance to conquer unexpected challenges. They also help students develop self-belief in unique circumstances. The Activ4 Adventure Programme offers fabulous opportunities to enjoy thrilling activities in safe, secure and well-maintained locations. We have taken great care to select resorts that can live up to the exacting standards required by our party leaders and schools.

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A tailor-made approach to School Adventure Trips:

School Performing Arts Trips

Activ4 School Tours want to make your students the stars of the show.

For so many students a performing arts trip can help them to develop their dreams. Whether it is a music trip or drama trip we at Activ4 have it all. Our knowledgeable staff will make sure that your itinerary is full of exciting days out as well as those all-important workshops with our professional tutors.

For Performing Arts Workshops we offer:

Drama, Dance, Music, Combined Performance, Musical Theatre, and Commedia dell arte.

On all of our School Performing Arts Trips, we guarantee:

  • To find a destination for what you’re looking for
  • The quality of the tutors
  • Suitable performance areas

Educational School trips

Activ4 school tours are passionate about providing enriching cultural tours for learning outside the classroom, enhancing student’s knowledge of the ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a society.

Because our cultural trips can be tailor-made, they can be designed to fit your school’s needs.

Cultural trips enhance your subject by giving the students hands-on experiences outside of the classroom. Read more about our cultural tour destinations Normandy, Poland, Barcelona, Lake Garda and Naples below.

Immerse your students in a different cultural environment to give them a better grasp of:

  • The history of the country
  • The traditions and rituals
  • The local cuisine
  • The arts and values


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What makes Activ4 School Tours unique?

We offer a ‘Customer Charter’ which enshrines a commitment to deliver market leading standards of Safety, Value, Inspiration, Passion, Support, Knowledge, Integrity and a Tailor-made approach.

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