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£100 for 6 months

We are so excited to announce that we are offering the system for £100 for 6 months.

You can access and use the the system fully now as part of the set up and embedding period. The 6 months will start in September

KS3 | GCSE | AS | A-Level | BTEC L2 | BTEC L3

1. We know that budgets are tight

We know that expenditure must be justified. As such we wanted to make the system affordable. This will allow you to demonstrate impact to your senior staff without upsetting the budget.

2. Budget timing

This will help you afford the system before budgets have been allocated for the next financial year

3. Are other systems delivering for you?

It will help you see if the other systems you are using are worth paying for. Some schools haven’t been able to pay for additional systems to see the comparison. At this price point you now can what is worth paying for

4. Reduces risk

If after the trial and shorter subscription it isn’t working for you (pretty sure it will), you have not paid for the full subscription.

What it will do for your department?

  • Improve pupil motivation and impact on student outcomes
  • Build trust within your team through a completely transparent approach
  • Provides complete consistency with tracking and monitoring across your department or faculty
  • Improve the accuracy of predictions/forecasts
  • Streamline course and curriculum delivery
  • Save valuable teacher time when calculating forecast and working at grades for every single data point throughout the year

Why would you use our system?

Our tracking systems have been trusted by over 150 schools for over 4 years, where our schools continually feedback just how in control their teacher now feel and just how much our solutions are impacting on pupil performance

Lots of the the Pupil Progress team!


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