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Why Your Child’s Next Tutor Should Be Online: 3 Reasons

Is your child easily distracted by others when in a classroom environment? Or perhaps – even with the best will in the world – he or she just finds it difficult to concentrate? If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to either of these questions, maybe it’s time to consider a method of teaching which will complement the work your teenager is doing at school?

The fact is, people respond in different ways to different methods of teaching. While some children thrive off the competitive element of being surrounded by their peers in a classroom, others are much more introverted.

The former child will no doubt be spurred on if his or her grades are higher than those of the rest of the class, while the latter might prefer one-on-one time to get their head around tricky subject matters. Everyone learns in their own pace and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.


Now, thanks to the power of the Internet, the possibilities are endless when it comes to learning.

No longer does your child need to hole themselves in their room under a mountain of textbooks or face gruelling after-school classes or clubs with their maths teacher. Online-based learning is the answer to improved exam grades – and here are three reasons why.

You’ll Get the Right Tutor for the Job – If you’ve considered hiring a face-to-face tutor in the past, did you find yourself with limited choice? You were probably tempted to select the nearest tutor, rather than the best one – and quite understandably, too. It can be disheartening to think you’ll have to fork out on a tutor’s travel expenses on top of the cost for the tuition itself.

Finding a traditional, face-to-face tutor can be hard.  It’s a bit of a postcode lottery – and what’s to say you even live in an area where there’s an abundance of tutors? If you’re in a rural location or small village or town, you may find yourself stumped.

Go down the online learning route, however, and you’ll have no trouble finding the right person to tutor your child. It doesn’t matter where you’re based, either. As long as you have a working computer or laptop and access to the Internet, your child can receive all the support they need from the comfort of their own home.

Your Child Can Easily Revisit a Lesson – Anytime – With online tuition, your child can easily take a look back over materials you’ve studied at a later date. What this means, then, is they can study completely at their own pace and in their own time.

Children are much more tech-savvy than they were some years ago, so you may find that you can just leave them to it when they’re participating in their studies. You can always contact the tutor as and when to check everything’s going okay and give you the peace of mind your money has been well spent.

One-to-one Online Tuition Can Be More Engaging – Think about it; if a child is one of 30 or so children in a classroom, is he or she really getting the one-to-one time they deserve when they’re struggling over a tricky subject?

If they’re not getting the help they need or want, they’ll usually come home and expect a refresher course from yourself if they’re to make a good job of their homework or projects. If you have the free time to devote to that, that’s great – but how can you help if that’s not the case?

While classroom teaching has many benefits, there’s a lot to be said for tuition online. Some kids will find the virtual classroom more engaging, which will go a long way to boosting their confidence – and hopefully, their grades too!



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