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At a time in education when we have got to literally sprint to stand still, it is vital that we pay close attention to our, thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions because ultimately we have the most important gift we can give to young people… an education. Therefore we must take a step back from time to time and reevaluate how we are feeling because positively or negatively our emotions have a direct impact on our students feelings and the climate of our classroom. No one wants a miserable, uninspiring, negative classroom. We must find ways to help improve staff wellbeing in a time that is incredibly challenging and difficult, why? because our students are worth it.


Happy Staff + Happy Students = the best possible outcomes for our students.


Here are 10 simply ways to help reduce stress as a teacher.



Accept the fact that teaching at times can become stressful, embrace it and always remember we are the creator of our own stress, we can get rid of it.

 Learn to say ‘No’ when you need to.

Try your best to not take your work home with you.


Learn to relax and do not feel pressured when teaching. Even if you are busy with your schedule, learn how to relax since it is one of the best things you can do.

 Time Management

Time management is important, make sure you plan for your family, hobbies and social events. Never underestimate the positive impact exercise and sport can have on your social, mental and physical wellbeing. Teaching can become consuming from time to time so it is vital to we do this.

 Positive Thinking

Positive thoughts bring positive outcome for you and your students. Looking of the bright side of everything never made anyone blind.

 Work smarter not harder

Your work life balance is important, learn to priorities your to do list better.

 Getting enough sleep

Getting enough sleep is vital to support your physical and emotional well-being, considering our multiple daily roles this is crucial to help support our students in the best possible way.

 Drink Enough Water

Take the time to drink water so you don’t become dehydrated and have that midafternoon headache.

 Dedicate 5-10minutes a day to yourself

Handling stress with deep breathing, meditation, visualising and listening to music daily will help with overall improved well-being.

 Surround yourself with positive colleagues

Spend more time with those teachers at work who have a great outlook on life and are generally more positive. Once you do that you will unconsciously pick up their attitude about life.

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