Direct Share Link | New feature added in the @PE4Learning Community Drive to share direct access to files and folders

An exciting new feature has been added to the @PE4Learning Community PE Resource Drive after lots of techy updates behind the scenes.

This will allow users who have uploaded PE resources to share a direct link URL on social media which will take users straight to their specific file or folder in the Community Drive.

This should hopefully save some time and speed resource searching and navigation up. Follow the steps below to create a Direct Share Link to any file or folder in the drive.

I cannot express my gratitude to those kind and caring users who choose to share their crative works with the PE4Learning Community.

Direct Share Link

Once the link is created it can be shared via one of the social media outlets shown in the image below.

You can even add your own User Folder Direct Link URL to your social media profile page to direct users straight to your uploads.

Video Guide

Direct Link Sharing is enabled for all files and folders in the PE4Learning Community Drive.

When shared the link will navigate that users straight to the chosen resource or folder. Users must be logged in to access.

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