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Our thoughts and the way we think define who we are, how we feel and ultimately the experiences we have in life. Never underestimate the power of mental practice. It really isn’t rocket science, when we think positive thoughts we create positive outcomes for ourselves and the people around us (our students). You simply attract others into your life based on who you are. Therefore why should we spend and waste our time thinking negative thoughts (worrying), because in the end worrying never accomplished or achieved anything? Nine times out of ten the thing you were worrying about doesn’t come true anyway. I gave up worrying a long time ago, who needs it? I used to be the worlds biggest worrier, I worried about everything and anything. There are so many things in this world that are out of our control and normally these are the things we worry about most, why? We can’t control them so why worry about them! The first thing we can all start to focus on is the way we think.

How we think and what we think about most is a CHOICE. If we start to practice the act of positive thinking, the development of neuroplasticity will take place and we will create new neurons in the brain which simply means we will start to change the way we think. If we make a conscious effort to approach every situation, obstacle and event in a positive way we will act in the most productive way.

“Our attitude means everything – what we think about most is what we become.”

Here are 10 tips to kickstart your positive thinking.


1. Surround yourself with positive people.

Choose to spend your time in a place or with individuals that can help you create positive outlooks.

2.  Express Gratitude.

One easy way to increase positivity in your life is to express gratitude. By simply being thankful with what you presently have, you tend to release all the negativities you are holding onto.

3.  Learn to Give.

Another effective way to become positive is by actively seeking to help others.

4.  Visualise Success.

When you tap into your ability to imagine or visualise, you can actually use this as an ideal tool to become more positive.

5.    Meditation 

Meditation is also another effective way to become more positive. Practicing meditation helps in expanding awareness within individuals and allowing clear connections between body, mind, and soul.

6.  Never Allow Your Fear to Stop you From Doing What you Want.

If you let your fear rule you, you will surely be lost. Just take the leap, go for it.

7.  Add Positivity and Value to Other People’s Life.

What you give is what you also take back from the world as well as from the people in it.

8.  Eat Well, Sleep and Exercise Regularly.

These are the most obvious ways to become more positive. A good night’s sleep and regular exercise can help you gain optimistic thoughts and save yourself from stress and tensions.

9.  Take Criticisms in a Healthy Way.

Most individuals are scared of criticisms. This holds people back from doing good things that they really want to do in their lives.

10.  Always Start Your Day Positively.

To become more positive, you need to start your day in the most positive way. Be careful on how you spend your first hours in the morning. Guard your mind against negative thoughts.

Advice from Steve Round and students about the importance of having Positivity in sport and education. 

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