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In today’s sport, the performance of an elite athlete requires great physical, technical and tactical qualities, though at the top level, these are not enough. Performance psychology is now playing a much larger role in sport and many clubs and teams in over 70 countries across the planet are now recruiting top psychologists to help improve performance.

BelievePerform is a website developed to bring together those who have a passion for sport psychology as well as those who want to get a better understanding of the field. Through the website you can access up to date sport psychology articles, podcasts and video interviews. We have an amazing team of over 160 writers who contribute to the website on a monthly basis, including sport psychologists, PhD students, masters students and undergraduates.

We welcome athletes, coaches, parents, students, teachers and professional psychologists who are united by a shared interest and passion for performance psychology. Whether you’re an athlete preparing for a big competition,a student studying for an exam or someone who wants to be a top performer in the world of work, we believe that psychology can make a massive positive difference.

Adam Morris is BelievePerform’s creator, inspiration and visionary. With an undergraduate degree in Psychology with Sport Science and a masters in Sport and Exercise Psychology Adam developed BelievePerform in September 2012 so that the world could access great quality performance psychology for sport, work and play. In November 2016, BelievePerform joined forces with The Performance Room and together they are on a mission to help the world think, prepare and perform like elite athletes.


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