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As previously discussed, I am fully aware that not every teacher jumps for joy when seeing ‘DANCE’ crop up on their programme of study for the year.

Have no fear, I have some ideas to create a fun and enjoyable unit that is accessible for all KS3 pupils despite not having a lot of experience yourself.

In the past, a popular and easy method of planning I have done is to develop the theme ‘dancing around the world‘. This way you can link in a lot of cross-curricular (languages/ culture/ history and geography)! You can design ‘passports’ for your pupils as a method of self-reflection, where they can list the country they are ‘visiting’ / the style they are learning and how confident they feel performing it etc (lots of opportunities for AFL).

I’ve attached 3 mock lesson plans that you can adapt as some inspiration, along with some suggestions for your own.


Line Dancing


1.U.S.A – Line Dancing (click to download power point to help guide you)

2. Cuba – Salsa Dance (click to download power point to help guide you).

3. New York / U.S.A – Lindy-hop (click to download power point to help guide you).


4. Punjab, India – Bhangra (Jai Ho as music works well!)

5. Europe – Contemporary 

6. America – HipHop/Street

Hopefully this post will help to inspire you with some different type of content and provide you with an easy yet effective method of assessment and planning structure!

If you have any questions or would like to share your experiences, tweet me! @thepediary

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