Project based learning in PE – Organic PE @Mat6453

Project based learning in PE – Organic PE @Mat6453

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Working with a fellow PESS facilitator Beverley Symonds @beverleysymonds she introduced me to the idea of Organic PE. or Project based learning.  From work she read here by @pe_soc.  She was showing me the work she was doing on literacy in PE and it was part of that work.  Through our discussion the idea really resonated with me and I had looked at something similar in my school as an opportunity for students to demonstrate their understanding.  I would use it at the end of a module in a session as a task for them to apply knowledge. Give them a scenario, practice their tactics as a team and then put it into a game.

Beverley introduced me to this being done as a whole module, the students have the scenario and then they choose over the next few weeks the areas that they feel need to be improved.  They choose the skills, the practices etc, basically designing their own personalised scheme of work.  The teacher then supports this where needed.

For example.  If the task was; You are 8 points down in a rugby match, you are 5 meters from the opponents line and you have the ball in a scrum, there are 5 minutes left, what do you do?

In this instance one scenario could be that the students decide they need to work on scrummaging, the as they need to get the ball back, some tackling, then some work around tactics to move the ball quickly to get another score.  In doing this they have to work out what skills are important but think about other possibilities.  Might they kick to gain ground, practice lineouts etc.

Below is a quick guide that might help to support this for your own project based learning, and if you use an iPad this course may be of use.

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