Badminton Shot Cards | Umpire Signals | Peer Assessment Sheets by Tasha Williams @misswilliamspe

New uploads to @PE4Learning by Tasha Williams @misswilliamspe /Badminton shot cards.pptx (906 KB) /peer assessment sheet.docx (109 KB) /umpire hand signals.pptx (552 KB) Visit the @PE4Learning Communi...Read More

4 Way Badminton Idea – @DiCataldoPE

Had a go at @MrGoldmanPE 4 way badminton! Boys renamed it ‘Criss Cross Badminton’ and decided on some rules – if you fail to return/hit the shuttle out or at the net you lose a point, as well as...Read More

Call of Duty – Badminton Rank and Perks

An excellent development of @TomBrush1982 Call of Duty Dodge Ball from our North East Partnership SCITT student @MrMcAleenanPE.

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