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5 Reasons Why Gratitude is so Important to Have in Your Life and as a Teacher


With gratitude, there are simply a lot of benefits that we can obtain that can help in our long-term health and well-being. For instance, gratitude makes us more trusting, more appreciative and more social which helps us make more friends and deepens our relationships. When we practice the art of gratitude we conduct the act of positive thinking which can be an effective way to help us through those tough days and difficult times which life throws at us from time-to-time. When we have a difficult day at work a great way to distract and disconnect ourselves from these feelings and emotions is to identify and remember the things we are grateful for.

Gratitude means a feeling of thankfulness and appreciation for the benefits or blessings we have received. The more grateful we become now for the things we have in life, we will soon have more to be grateful for. Studies show that gratitude has potent effects on self-worth, social relationships, and physical health. Exercising gratitude also builds the physical and mental resilience necessary to surpass challenges and stresses in life. According to studies, people who are highly gracious have more powerful immune systems, get better sleep and get lesser complaints of aches and pains.


Here are the five reasons why gratitude is so important to have in your life and as a teacher:


1. It improves your productivity and helps you become more positive.


2. Helps you make your workplace an enjoyable and friendly place.

When you always appreciate the things and people around you, you will naturally reflect this in how you interact with others making your workplace a positive and happy place to be.


3. Helps strengthen your emotions and your ability to bounce back from pressures and stresses.

Teaching is a noble profession because it requires limitless time and effort. Thus, there are times that we get stressed out because of the tasks and responsibilities we have. By practicing the attitude of gratitude, this helps strengthen our emotions and builds our armor in bouncing back from pressures and stresses.This potentially changes the way we handle life as a teacher


4. Improves your Sleep.

You may not believe it but it is true that gratitude helps improve your sleep. Most importantly, it increases the duration of our sleep. The key is to think about all of the positive things you have done throughout the day and a number of colleagues and students you have helped. Writing this down can be a massive help if you are struggling with sleep.


5. Increases your Levels of Energy

Remember that vitality and gratitude are somehow correlated. When you practice the art of gratitude, you are more likely to increase your energy levels and you are less likely to feel negative and stressed.



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