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This idea has stemmed from previous research carried out during an NQT placement.

The Bronze, Silver & Gold awards has been around for years in the Athletics world but I set out to improve this concept.

In order for this to work, 2 years of results were collected in order to find averages for our year 7,8 &9 pupils for both male and female. This worked for us due to our facilities and our pupils ability at this school.

From there I worked backwards from 100% at choose 4 levels; Working towards Bronze, Bronze, Silver, Gold.

Our Schools levels

@sportonthemind Athletics

The Statistics

*95% would be able to reach a bronze level or above in all events

*50% would be able to reach silver in all events

*20% would be able to reach gold in all events


An IT colleague  managed to turn our reporting system into athletics score input which merged into a certificate (The system was called Access’ 07). This can also be achieved in excel and mail merge to a certificate in publisher. Finally these certificates were given out over Christmas with their normal reports which both pupils and parents found very positive, especially for the less academically able.

@sportonthemind Athletics

@sportonthemind Athletics

There was lots of buzz on results day and wonderful stories of pupils getting their first gold in one of the events or even a silver which for some meant the world of good.

I was worried the pupils would challenge one another but they tended to be very understanding and on many occasions helped out weaker pupils to make sure they reached that bronze level. Another positive was that we keep the results and with all this data we could create school records and also with the click of a button find out our strongest team for every event with statistics.


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