Desk Art Part 2 – Creative T&L Ideas in Theory PE

Part 1 here.

General Theory PE Examples

The task allows students to be creative when demonstrating their learning through desk art.  Playdoh packs, sweets, Lego or other props can be used to create the masterpieces on show.  From experience it is advisable to allocate certain students a role in the production process focusing on a certain aspect of the topic/course and having notes/specification material available to provide some structure and inspiration.  It is advisable to take some whiteboard cleaner, a cloth or paper towels to ensure you can clean it all up after your creation!

Please feel free to share your ideas, creations or adaptations of Desk Art by contacting PE4Learning here.

A Level PE Example: Compare and Contrast Trait Social Learning Interactionist Approaches

Credit: S.Henderson @STM_PE

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