PE Exam Question Mat – Marking, A4L & Feedback Tool

What are they?

The PE Exam Questions Pack is a huge collection of PE4Learning adapted past paper exam questions and mark schemes for the AS and A2 OCR exam board plus others from AQA/Edexcel for GCSE and A Level.  The questions have been developed into a new format to be used as an exam technique tool focusing on effective planning, marking and feedback.


What’s the point?

The resources are designed to specifically focus on breaking a question down, planning it, answering it effectively and receiving informative feed-forward style feedback from both teacher and peer.  Their ultimate aim is to hopefully improve exam technique and make the process a little more structured coupled with very detailed forward-planning feedback to address shortcomings.

How do you use them?

I have trialled the resources with my own students by setting them for homework [mainly the short questions] and using them in end of unit / topic tests or half termly mock exams [a combination of short and long mark questions].  Accompanied with the mark schemes they have proven to be a very valuable assessment tool and popular with the students due to their structure and interesting design.  Read on for a more detailed explanation of their use.

Examples of the Short Mark Questions Pack

The sheet starts by looking to identify the question type – is is singular question or does it have multiple parts to the question.  The command word [name & outline], topic [joints and muscles] and topic focus [function of muscles in flexion of elbow] can all be identified.  Any Key Terminology can be jotted down in the box provided before attempting the answer.  Improve it comes later.  The boxes next to Mark It are to symbolise teacher or peer marked or both.  The answer is written in the lined space provided and when marked can be number coded to highlight where the student has hit a certain point on the mark scheme.  Once marked the Improve It section can be complete by the student or teacher to identify areas in need of improvement. A simple tick will suffice.  The Feedforward box looks at a specific action the teacher asks of the student to act on feedback, whether it be re-write the answer, produce a mind map or simply a target to feed into the next exam question.



The mark scheme can be printed back to back with the exam question or simply printed off as an additional sheet.  The mark scheme is used to code the student’s answer where they have been awarded marks.  Students’ can then highlight what they missed or what they hit depending on teacher marking preference to highlight areas of strength or concern.  The whole procedure can be teacher, self or peer completed depending on the desired outcome.  The Exam Question Mats come with official exam board mark schemes adapted to fit into the PE4Learning template.



This file can be found alongside many others in the ‘resources’ section of the site as well as in the PE4Learning Google Drive.


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