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Preparing for a deep dive in Physical Education – Notes

Below are a number of key points, notes, and questions from people who have experienced a PE deep dive in PE recently. 


How do you ensure that the curriculum meets the needs of all pupils?

How do you know?

To what extent is the curriculum providing a challenge for all pupils?

How do leaders ensure that learning is sequenced effectively overtime?

How did you plan for pupil progress from different starting points?

How have you decided what knowledge, understanding, and skills you want people to learn?

Does your curriculum show progression through the key stages?

Does your PE curriculum consider the aims of the National curriculum?

How does your curriculum change over time? Does your curriculum are just on a yearly basis and if you aren’t give reasons why.

Are you showing initiative and adapting your curriculum to suit your pupils and their needs?

Do the curriculum, assessment, and pedagogy align? How?

How does learning sequence over time? How does the subject fit in with the rest of the school?

How are skills developed within key stage three? 

What pathways are provided at KS4Discuss the journey of skills and progression of knowledge from year 7 to 11?

How are the skills and knowledge learned in key stage three demonstrate learning and progression?

Why have certain areas of the national curriculum been implemented into your key stage three curriculum?

What makes your curriculum different?

How does your PE curriculum link to school values?

What are the aims and objectives of your subject?

What is your evaluation, strengths, and weaknesses of your department? Why?

How have you gone about designing the curriculum in your subject?

Are your plans based on any research or theoretical models?

How does your key stage three curriculum underpin and inform your key stage for the curriculum?

How do you adapt or refine your curriculum to meet the needs of people at different starting points?

How do you stretch HA pupils and support LPA?


Discuss your approach to the use of assessment.

How do you expect teachers to use assessment information?

How often are pupils assessed? What is done with this assessment information?

How does assessment identify gaps in pupils’ knowledge and their ability to apply that knowledge fluently and accurately?

How are pupils assessed in physical education and does the department feel it is purposeful?

Does the curriculum progress throughout each key stage?


How is CPD and staff training structured and organised within the department?

What CPD have staff had? What has been the impact of this?

How is CPD decided and organised within the department?

How do you align staff training\CPD with targets in the school improvement plan and faculty improvement plan?

What training and support do you provide for teachers who teach outside of your subject area?

Does current research play a part in informing the content of staff training?

Six parts to deep dive which include a look at overview plans, talk to leaders, observation of lessons, talk to teachers, talk to pupils and work scrutiny?            

Middle Leaders meeting

What is your curriculum intent and vision? What is your long term plan? How is it designed?

What doe your schemes of work look like and how they build on from KS2?How is learning sequenced?

How do you monitor progress?

What are your department’s strengths and weaknesses?

How are pupils prepared for options in PA?

What are the options pathways are available?

What will we see in lessons today if we come and observe?

How do you utilise other adults within PE? How do you prepare pupils for life after school in PA?

What extracurricular opportunities are made available to pupils?


What percentage of SEND pupils are attending after school clubs?    

Book scrutiny

Some books are selected from the lessons observed and the following are discussed;

Use of the purple pen, questioning, Rico work, whole-class marking sheets when am I, presentation of work, the use of codes, is this department policy or whole school policy?

Meeting with department staff

Lessons observed were discussed.

Pupil feedback. Workload. CPD opportunities within the whole school and as an individual, department. SLT support. Discussed the use of PE boards in the corridor.

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Thanks to the following people who’s comments and feedback have helped to create this document:

Jamie Barry @JamieGBarryAsh Abbey @ashabbey03accelerate learning 

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