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A re-post on an outstanding resource designed and developed by @TomBrush1982 with inspiration from @ASTSupportAli.

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Command Word Learning Mats #CWLMats (‘AKA’, Question Rotation Squares, Concentric Squares) is an activity that enables pupils to demonstrate their understanding about a specific topic area or concept. Pupils could complete the squares as a revision activity or as an activity to test their understanding at the end of the lesson. In the middle of the page is an image, which can be generic or specific. Just below the image is a question that asks pupils about the image. To start of simple the command words used could be something like ‘identify’, ‘list’, ‘state’ or ‘give’. The marks for the question may only be 1 or 2 marks. Once pupils have answered the first question they rotate the sheet around and do the second questions. The second question could start with the command word ‘describe’ and can be worth 2 or three marks. The third question could also begin with ‘describe’ or ‘explain’ with the final question(s) asking pupils to ‘discuss’‘analyse’‘apply’ or ‘evaluate’. 


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