GCSE PE 6 Mark Question – FeedForward Feedback Resource

GCSE PE – Feedforward Feedback


Very similar to the A Level FeedForward Feedback strategy although focused on a specific part of a half termly mock exam rather than the whole test [6 mark question – Edexcel]

How To Use It?

  • Data – fill in the student data including any specific whole school student data [in this case Fischer Family Trust data]
  • Previous Performance – fill in this section with past 6 mark exam question performance and their current mark to compare to [shows reduction or improvement]
  • Previous Exam Target – this is to highlight the exam technique target the student was working on prior to the current exam.  For example, the last FFFBack sheet identified a lack of Practical Examples used in the 6 mark question.  Therefore ‘Use more Practical Examples’ would go into here to see if this specific target has been addressed.
  • Question Section Matrix – the tiles in this section are very important to the FeedForward process.  Students review the comments made by the teacher on their 6 mark question and highlight any boxes which match the feedback given.  Highlighting the boxes identifies areas of weakness or specific criteria in need of development.  For example, the student may have highlighted the ‘Literacy’ box as the teacher comments identified many incorrect spellings or grammar in need of improvement in the written answer.
  • FeedForward Matrix Target – this box seeks to review the last exam target and if their last target was not again highlighted in the matrix section [e.g. Practical Examples] then it suggests that this was not an issue in the current exam question, and the student has worked on addressing this issue.  A simple tick in Yes or No will suffice here.
  • New Feedback Matrix Target – if the student has addressed a specific matrix target and answers ‘Yes’ then a new target can be selected.  The student then looks at the matrix boxes which have been highlighted and makes this decision.  Discussion with peers or teacher may help to select the most relevant target or one which was identified as being particularly week in the current exam, and needs addressing to improve their mark in the next 6 mark exam question.
  • Act on Feedback Box – this is where the student can act on feedback and a specific action plan can be selected. For example, if the 6 mark question was not answered well enough then the question can be repeated in this box.  If ‘subject knowledge’ or ‘indicative content’ was lacking then the student can produce a mind-map on the topic in this box to address this.  Specific action can be taken if the teacher or student feels that an alternative to ‘repeating question’ or ‘mind-mapping’ will be a better action plan to follow to act on a weakness or extend a strength from the exam question.
  • Teacher Witnessed/Date – this box can be signed by the teacher once the feedback has been acted upon by the student in the box above.  This can be kept as evidence of marking and feedback to show improvement/progression over time.

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