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This week @ChrisMoyse shared an excellent ‘Literacy Top Tips Mat’ for the #physed & #pegeeks community.  Little explanation is needed for this image, as I am sure you will of course be thinking of how you could use it or where you might stick it in the classroom as you read this post.

My immediate thoughts are that it would be a nice addition to a resource I already use which helps identify command words in an exam question and provide guidance on how to then alter your writing style to hit the marks scheme [see PE4Learning Exam Technique Resource here].  With the addition of the ‘Connectives’, it provides the student with a bank of sentence links and starters to improve written communication which is also marked on many if not all exam papers across the subjects.

How could it be used?

  • have the sheet handy in the front of student files to use in conjunction with practice exam questions.
  • create a display in the theory teaching classroom to quickly remind the students of the top literacy tips
  • as a feedback tool linked to FeedForward Feedback which seeks to identify issues with written communication after exams or assessed work and highlight a plan for improvement based on the tips provided


This file can be found alongside many others in the ‘resources’ section of the site as well as in the PE4Learning Google Drive.

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