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Just a quick post on the recent Literacy For Learning E-Flyer I created using SMORE. I delivered a Literacy CPD with a fellow colleague from my PE Department on how we try to implement Literacy strategies within PE lessons. I’m sure you have all been to CPD’s and either been handed a wad of resources to take away, or left with nothing but what you had taken notes on, or tried to remember!

The aim of the SMORE E-Flyer is that the staff can be emailed a copy after the CPD session so that they have the resources readily at hand. Staff can then recap on what was delivered at any point they feel convenient (as it’s in electronic format and accessible on computers, phones and tablets etc). It is also useful to share with those not able to attend the CPD, and very handy for staff who might be part-time and miss out on CPD opportunities!

Enjoy the E-Flyer below and I hope it provides some inspiration for developing Literacy within PE.

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