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What is Seneca?

A free Accelerated Learning System based on Neuroscience

Seneca uses cognitive neuroscience to create an effective and engaging learning system that boosts memory and understanding.

In a Randomised Control Trial with 1,120 pupils in 10 different schools, students using Seneca outperformed pupils using revision guides by 105%. In other words, Seneca doubled students’ performance. These results have been published by the Chartered College of Teaching (this is the link: )

How does it work?

All GCSE courses are free and exam-board specific. The content was written by senior educators and examiners with extensive experience in GCSE papers.

All content is available immediately after signing up and perfectly supplement any existing systems or practices. Students’ answers are automatically marked and teachers can track their proficiency, engagement and performance. The system’s algorithm adapts the questions and learning session to each user, maximising their memory and understanding.

How can it be free?

Seneca’s aim is to use science to make learning more effective, engaging and equal across society. The choice of learning resources should not be a financial decision depending on what type of school students attend. Seneca is a social enterprise that funds the free GCSE platform by providing a similar, but paid, platform to corporations and businesses.

Additional resources

The online platform is Seneca’s main resource, but diagrams, summaries and videos are also available entirely free from Seneca’s blog, Youtube channel and TES page. (here are the links )

Seneca In Action

Seneca Learning – GCSE PE from PE4Learning on Vimeo.

Facts about Seneca
– We created our Accelerated Learning System with input from neuroscientists at Oxford, Cambridge and UCL. It is designed to enhance students’ understanding, memory and engagement. To achieve this, we have built a number of learning techniques into the system, including active retrieval, spaced learning and contextual variation.
– We tested the platform in a RCT of 1,120 students. Those using it performed 105% better than peers using revision guides to learn. This research has recently been published in the Chartered College of Teaching’s Impact journal
– All of the GCSE courses on Seneca are completely free for schools and students. They will remain free forever
– The courses are exam-board specific with content written by senior examiners
– The teacher platform will be out within the next week. On this, teachers will be able to track the work of their students. They will receive analytics on the amount of time each student is spent studying, how they are performing and more. There will also be an opportunity for teachers to request additional data points on their students
– Teachers and students can start using it now, at

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