Topic Tracker Sheets – “I Can” AQA PE from @GymaholicTracy

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Access the original Topic Tracker subject knowledge MOT sheet here. Basically, the student rates their knowledge and understanding of the specification/assessment criteria from 1 – 5.  Place at the front of their booklets or folders to keep a track of their knowledge and understanding.  Act on areas of concern by conducting some feedforward feedback at the bottom of the sheet.  Excellent for showing a BIG PICTURE overview of topics and prioritising revision / development of K&U from one simple sheet.

Massive thanks to @GymaholicTracy for sharing a full set of AQA A2 Level PE Topic Tracker Sheets with @PE4Learning.







Dropbox Location – A. General Archive -> Tracking and Monitoring Tools


Have you used the resource before?  Could you suggest some ideas on its development?  Have you got an image tweet you can share with the PE4Learning network of the resource in action?

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